Harsil Village- A Paradise of Ganga Valley in Uttarakhand

Though I have been to Harsil during the winters, this was the first time that I was visiting it during the summers and needless to say, what I saw left me in complete awe. It felt good to be back after 3 years


How I got to Harsil in Summers 

If you followed my social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the last month, then you might know that I was a part of First ever Bloggers Bus which ran on the circuit of Gangotri and Yamunotri by the Uttarakhand State Tourism Board.


Harsil- A View to die for

The plan for Harsil was made out of nowhere while on our way to Ganga Valley and I am glad that I got the opportunity to feel its pristine beauty once again, no matter even if it is for few hours. This time a stark contrast from white to green


isn’t it amazing ?

What was The Bloggers Bus

Somehow, I have always believed that the state of Uttarakhand has remained under explored especially the Garhwal region and the reason that I have decided to focus more on the state this year. There is a lot of potential within this state and for once I was happy that the state board is working towards making masses aware of it and in a good way.


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The concept of Bloggers Bus was essentially launched as a flagship program to educate people about the lesser known places of Uttarakhand through the help of bloggers and online media. As I am writing this, Blogger Bus number three is already on its way to explore the unexplored part of Kumaon region.


The Gang of Bloggers Bus 1

What Can You Expect in Harsil  

This small little place, offers tranquillity and serenity like no nearby area. On your way to Gangotri there is a little noticeable bifurcation with military patrolling, which leads to this wonderous Harsil.


And you shall be left awestruck, once you see the location of this town, practically on the berserk rushing Ganges


If you ask me personally, I would say Harsil is a goldmine for leisure seeking souls for the place is only about relaxation and calming your mind. Sitting on the banks of River Ganga in the pristine beauty of Harsil, there was a moment when I sat and got lost into nothingness. It was a conversation between me and myself.  The place has such powers.


Itsn’t it sereme enough ?

But incase you want to roam around and explore a bit of Ganga Valley, here are the best options in and around Harsil Village:

Adventure Rendezvous: For adventure craving enthusiasts, there are small treks towards the near- by villages that are nestled on the tranquil banks of river Ganges. For example we went trekking to the nearby village called Dharali which is just 6 kms from Harsil and have got a place called Sattal- Pond of 7 lakes.

20180518_155215-01 (1)

Though I couldn’t reach even the one pond amongst the seven, as me along with two other bloggers lost our way and so we decided to return.


Lost in style 😉

Not before, we got clicked ourselves with some Yoga pictures 😉


Laxmi Narayan Temple: If you will look at this temple from a distance, believe me you will keep gazing at it because it is absolutely in the middle of the green splendour of Harsil surrounded by the mountains.


Words fall short of how I kept looking at it. Considered to me a thousand’s year old Temple, visit this for its mythology and offcourse beauty and if lucky you might spot some apples too 😉


Wilson cottage: For the love of history, visit Harsil for Wilson cottage. The Village Harsil is famous for Raja or Pahadi “Wilson” who was deserted by the British army and escaped into the Garhwal mountains to save himself and in return got settled.


Just outside the cottage. All smiling 🙂

The cottage though stands in ruins now, but still shining high with the folklore it preserves

Mukhwa: Absolutely do not forget to visit this village which is the closest from Harsil. The relevance of this village lies in the fact that Goddess Ganga is brought and kept here for 6 months after the temple closes at Gangotri during the winters. The village is known as the Winter abode of Goddess Ganga


This is not the picture of Wilson cottage though 😉 

How to Reach Harsil

You won’t get public transport access to this place easily, so make sure either you come by your own car or a hired taxi

Route from DelhiDelhi – Noida – Muzaffarnagar – Roorkee- Haridwar – Rishikesh- Uttarkashi – Harshil

Best Season: Personally I will recommend avoiding the month of July till mid September when monsoons are its peak, as landslides are quite prominent here.

December to March is the time when you can enjoy the white Harsil with full bloom of snow here

April – June– Peak summers but the temperature here remains between 10-15 during the day and night it drops below 2 even during summers. So carrying proper woollens is an absolute must

Only BSNL works in this part of region

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  2. Thanks for making us aware about this unknown place. I have never heard about it, as i read your blog and saw picture, it really appreciable that your are making famous these beautiful places to be known….nice information

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