What Makes Roopkund a Popular Trek of India?

What Makes Roopkund a Popular Trek in India?

If you follow the trekking season at all in India, you’ll nod your head when I tell you that in recent years, Roopkund Trek has become one of the most sought-after treks in India. There isn’t any Trekker worth his/her salt today, who does not want to attempt Roopkund, and rightly so. Located in the Chamoli District, Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, home to vast hilly terrain, the popular Roopkund lake remains covered with snow almost throughout the year. The months of April, May, September, and October, however, are considered to be the best suitable months to go visit this astounding, sky-high site.


But the real question that remains here is- what are the key factors that make Roopkund one of the most popular treks in India? Let’s find out!

The Picture Postcard Perfect Landscapes: Believe us or no but the picturesque and serene setting of Roopkund trek is bound to leave you in awe. The picture-perfect trail of this trek will give you ample chances to choose and replace your existing wallpaper on your desktop and mobile. And if you are thinking we are joking- the trail offers much more variety than you can even imagine. The landscape changes every day on the Roopkund trek.


From green open meadows and moist forests to snow patches, Roopkund trek has it all. There are some amazing vistas — some really stunning frames to be captured. The trail remains unpredictable while you are climbing out of splendid dark forests and suddenly bursting into India’s most beautiful high-altitude meadows. As you will trek on the snow-clad trails of Roopkund Lake the mighty Mount Trishul will give you constant company, simply leaving you mesmerized. It’s our promise.

The Gigantic Meadows: On Roopkund trek you will trek on the stunning high-altitude meadows of Uttarakhand. The splendor of Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal is beyond any imagination. You must not have seen anything like this before.


Post monsoons, the green Meadows – Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal appear even more gorgeous. A walk through them is actually a treat. A perfect setting of Oaks, rhododendrons combined with the majestic Mrigthuni and Trishul peaks in the background make it a visual delight. No matter which direction you point your camera at, any frame of this highland meadow makes for a picture-perfect click. The cattle are an added bonus. You will often be trekking with cattle herded by the local shepherds. And if you are lucky, you will even spot bharal. The highest mountains – Nanda Ghunti (6310m) and Trishul (7120m) are at close quarters and can be visible while trekking.

The Riddle of Skeletons: A summit that offers sweeping views of enchanting Himalayan peaks combined with the calming serenity and some dark secrets- is what makes Roopkund trek so appealing especially to the youngsters. However, it is ‘the secret’ of Roopkund- The unsolved riddle of skeletons found near the Roopkund lake which interests the trekkers and intrigues them to visit it at least once.


Overlooked by the glaciers and the mighty Himalayas, the lake is a typical natural wonder with tons of mysterious human skeletons at the bottom of it and mysterious folklore surrounding it. There are still questions left unanswered which makes it a popular place among many trekkers to visit it once.

A Tale of Adventure: Last but not the least, the Roopkund trek offers you a bunch of steep climbs and slippery descents ensuring that you get just the right dose of adventure needed to set your adrenaline rushing. A trekker’s ability is put to test in Roopkund, especially after the Bhagwabasa stretch. Be it an amateur or a hardcore Trekker, the Roopkund trek is suitable for all. An enthusiast needs to ensure that they have been issued Medical Certificates from Authorities.

How to do Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek starts from Lohajung. Situated at the elevation of 3200 meters, this stretch has narrow and curvy roads that cross from one slope of the mountain to other. While crossing the mountain, you can witness amazing views of the valley. Didna Village is the second destination which requires you to cross the forests. The next is the wonderful Ali Bugyal after which comes the Ghora Latoni, 3 km away far from Ali Bugyal.


It is an easy trek to reach Ghora Latoni which is also a great place for a campsite. From here, you will reach Bhagwabasa. The trail going to Bhagwabasa is crisscross and moves uphill towards the mountain. Roopkund lake is the last destination of the trek. It is 5 km away from Bhagwabasa, and the trail is covered in snow, ascending and steady.

The majestic snow-clad peaks, unending gorgeous vistas and a sense of self-discovery – makes the climb to the Roopkund a journey of a lifetime.

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