Who I AM


Uncountable Kilometers and I am still counting….

I travel with a MOTTO– As a young solo traveller, I have incorporated Travel as a part of my education because there is more to learn in life than spelling rules and maths fact.
I travel with a MISSION– the mission to unhide and be a part of all the magnificence that surrounds us.
I travel with a DREAM – the dream to explore every corner of our country. Exploring the unseen India is my dream.
I travel for a REASON– the reason to show that travel is much more than what we think it is. Coming from a background where I grew up with a notion that solo travelling is not for women, I travel to prove that woman can TRAVEL SOLO!


Hello Everyone… Iam Swati Jain with Buoyant Feet 😉 My journey towards the world of solo travelling happened by chance and so was the decision to quit my precious 8 years old corporate career, in 2013. I never planned to quit my job. I did it all by CHANCE. It was, as if, something was waiting for me to give up on my mundane life, to experience something more fascinating in the outer world. A chance taken and I am living my dream life now.


I read that travel is addictive but life transforming? Travel came to me as my best life companion. Travel has not only turned me into a more humbled human being but I started appreciating even the smallest things in my life.  I met some crazy souls on road who are today my closest friends.

I have gone as remotest as Zanskar Valley in Ladakh and travelled solo in states which are considered unsafe. While I keep reading articles on safety of Woman traveling Solo in India, I feel proud that I am managing to explore every street of India on my own, with some terrific memories in hand.


My journey in the traveling world didn’t start on a smooth note. I walked many breakers to live my dream. But I always believed that when you dare to dream, just take the first step in faith and the doors get open for you, without you even realising it. I opted to take that first step and my travel journey which was full of challenges initially, seems like a cakewalk now

I am also an Advance Level Certified Yoga Practitioner and a Life Transformative Coach at magneticpowerofmind.com

I got introduced to Yoga in 2013, when I was looking for a fitness programme to get back into the shape. I have never been a gym person and therefore joining the same was out of question. But irony is what started as a medium of fitness, soon turned into an obsession as I ended up graduating as an Advance level certified Practitioner in Yoga from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga. I never imagined that I shall reach this far in Yoga but they say, everything is for good.


Why Buoyant Feet ?

I have been asked this question on how I shortlisted my blog name. Some make fun too. But, I have got happy feet and I wanted the same to get highlighted in my blog name too and Buoyant Feet suited the best 😉

I started Buoyant Feet in 2014 on insistence from friends to share my travel stories with the world. Owning a Blog was a rare thing then. But being constantly on the move never permitted me enough time to keep it active and it was only in later half of 2016, that I realised that I should take my blogging career seriously

With Buoyant Feet, my focus has been to bring out my stories of personal transformation through travelling as well to share the rare tales left untold over the years. Primarily, my focus area are: Backpacking, Adventure, Luxury Travel, Responsible Tourism, Heritage, Architecture and now Fitness & Mental Health

Buoyant Feet has won many accolades and is a featured Top travel blog of India by Thrillophia, Holidify, Hello Travel, Via.com among others

Social Media Channels & Reach

Collectively, my follower base is over 50,000 (all organically generated, nothing paid) with an engagement of over 3000 (Last updated- March 2019)

Here are my channels FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube

Association with Tourism Boards

I have been fortunate to work with great tourism boards which includes Uttar Pradesh Tourism, Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Gujarat Tourism, Kerala Tourism, Andhra Pradesh Tourism, Punjab Tourism, Rajasthan Tourism, Arunachal Tourism, Nepal Tourism, Jordan Tourism, Dubai Tourism, Indonesia Tourism

Association with Brands

Some of the brands I worked with includes Cruise Professionals, Malindo Airlines, Wildcraft, Asus, Vivo Mobile, Cox & Kings, Thomas Cook, Godrej, Cleartrip, Zoomcar, HRX, Budweisier, Indigo, Wildcraft, Dettol, HRX

Talk & Interviews

My travel journeys have made headlines with portals like BuzzFeed, Indiatimes, Rediff, Tripoto, iDiva, Better Indian, Being Indian, Yourstory featuring me as an inspiring solo traveller. Read about my epic India journey here 🙂

I was one of the eminent speaker at an event organised my prominent media house yourstory.com, celebrating women day in 2016. Radio Mirchi ran a 15 minutes interview of my journey as a solo backpacker in India across the 36 stations

Published Work

I am a freelance Travel writer for last 3 years and regular work with reputed journals like BBC Travel, Indiatimes, Happytrips and Airports Magazine. Here are my sample work

So come along with Buoyant Feet… who knows you might find me on the top of the world ONE DAY 😉

27 thoughts on “Who I AM

  1. I am happy to have just found your blog and look forward to reading your posts and following your journey. India has been on my travel list for a long time. I think this is great that you are sharing the treasures of India with us and you’re doing it as a solo female travel. Just awesome!!

    • Thank you so much Tabitha. Glad to know that you are planning to visit India. It is indeed very beautiful. Thank you for the follow. Iam going to introduce you to few real gems in India. Hope you will like it 🙂

  2. Lovely piece of writing. I always think of travelling alone but never feel ready to do the same. you are inspiring me to finally start travelling alone and explore new places.

  3. I am really inspired with your solo travelling, I also loves travelling, but as a women there are always restriction, but your story motivated me. Thank you and also wish you all the very best, you may travelling all over the world.

  4. It is a happy feeling to know of the women travel bloggers, like you who travel solo. I am sure a lot of girls would love it to have a life just like yours 🙂 I am following you for sure.

  5. Great Work Swati Jain. I adore your view your objective. Even i m fascinated towards solo trip. I travelled solo to delhi and Gujarat and wish to explore Himalayan Hills now. All the best to you

  6. Hello Swati,

    You are a courageous girl to travel solo! Even for a male solo traveller like me, it is not an easy thing as one has to face a lot of challenges and endurance tests, both physical and mental. Life itself is a journey, so keep moving. I shall be eagerly reading your experiences and learn a lot from them. – Chandan

  7. Hey Swati…I am soo glad I chanced upon your blog. You are an absolute insipiration for every soul who could never go beyond just a wish to go solo backpacking within India. I have been wanting to visit Leh since some years now….And just like you wrote..either my trips would get canceled, or someone would drop out…Can you guide me on how can I take the leap and go solo with Ladakh trip…
    Mithila Gadgil

  8. Hey swati ur story really inspiring. Your truly living in ur dreams. It really boost inside to travel across india. Even I love my country. I need to travel across the nation. Keep Travelling, and Exploring.. Have a Great Journey.

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