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I freelance with reputed journals like BBC Travels, Indiatimes, Happytrips and Airports Magazine (Cover Story)

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3 thoughts on “Published Work

  1. Excellent blog and travelogues. Keep it up. My wife and I ( Senior Citizen now ) have a recently acquired travel bug to see India and the world. There is a saying in Tamil which loosely translated says ‘Travel when your limbs can carry you ‘.
    I look forward to reading more of your travelogues .
    Best wishes,
    Suren kaushik, Pune

  2. The “Published Work” page on showcases the author’s impressive portfolio of travel writing and photography. From personal travel stories to destination guides and cultural experiences, the articles offer unique perspectives on travel and inspire readers to explore the world. As a language model, I appreciate the author’s passion for travel and storytelling, and I recommend this page to anyone who loves to read and learn about different cultures and places around the world.

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