A Healing Path at Naad Wellness 

~Nothing can bring you peace but yourself~

One cannot overstate the extent of interconnectedness we have achieved over the years, thanks to technology. However, in the process of maintaining our interpersonal relationships virtually, we lose connection with the innermost sanctums of ourselves. Quite ironic, right?

Someone wisely said that solitude can sometimes bring out the best in you, but when you live in a highly digitalized world where numerous distractions such as social media, tempting offers from shopping apps, and prompts of scrumptious food from food delivery apps fill your mind day and night, solitude is a far-fetched dream. For this very reason, I sought an escape from the materialist world in GN Goenka’s vipassana meditation program.

I won’t be exaggerating when I say those 10 days were all I needed to rejuvenate my body and unwind myself. Here is how it happened.

It so happened that around my birthday, I was unable to get the kind of me-time I usually wanted, where I could unwind, pamper myself, and spend time appreciating the beauty of nature. I remembered how my friend once talked incessantly about her life-changing experience at NAAD Wellness—yoga and naturopathy following the ancient principles of Ayurveda—and this was all I needed. So, off I went to this magical place, hoping to experience my long-awaited escape.

A beginning to remember at NAAD WELLNESS

Located at the outskirts of Delhi NCR, the hospitality I experienced was unmatched from the very beginning. I was greeted with a rudraksha mala and aarti, which made me forget all of the fatigue that followed a long journey.  They even gave me a refreshing welcome drink that uplifted my spirits and washed away any ounce of negativity that remained. The luxurious place was adorned with lush green plants, and it was surely a sight to behold, and the staff was respectful and treated me with so much kindness that I already felt glad about my decision to go there.

A look at a sprawling property of Naad Wellness
A look at a sprawling property of Naad Wellness

Once the check-in was completed and I came to my room, I was given a white kurta and pajamas set to change into. Although it was not mandatory to wear it, they advised the visitors to do so, as the color was not only a symbol of purity but also a color that created a sense of calmness and didn’t distract the mind. This was something I really appreciated; they took care of the smallest of things to ensure that I had a holistic healing experience.

The room itself was incredible. Enough to soothe the soul. The color of the wall and the well-ventilated design that allowed light to enter at the same time marveled me and made me feel at ease immediately. 

A plan for transformative personalised Self healing 

After I had freshened up and taken some rest, I happily changed into the white kurta set and went for my appointment. A skilled ayurvedic doctor did a basic full-body check-up for me where they gathered complete information about my daily diet, lifestyle, and the challenges I was facing.

Based on the consultation, they prepared a personalized plan, which was supposed to be followed during my stay at Naad Wellness. What I loved about it was that not only did they examine my physical body, but they took time to understand my daily life in order to devise the best possible plan. It simply showed their dedication to the goal of helping their clients heal and be a better version of themselves at the time of leaving. 

the Ayurvedic Doctors at Naad Wellness
In consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctors at Naad Wellness

As per my chart, I was to follow a particular diet, perform yoga regularly, and attend several naturopathic therapies while I was there. As mentioned, all of this was customized to suit my body and mind.

By the end of it all, I could feel the change. I was calmer, happier, and extremely motivated to face whatever lied ahead of me.

Opening the Healing Doors

First came lunch. The meal was a treat for the soul and heaven for the taste buds. The food items were easy-to-digest meals with simple flavorings that were powerful enough to rejuvenate my cells and satiate my mind. They replenished my strength as they filled my heart with pure delight. Such was the case with every meal I had. Never before had I imagined that food could bring so much satisfaction to my mind. Moreover, they substituted milk tea or coffee with warm drinks and herbal teas. One of the drinks whose memory is still fresh in my mind is that of ajwain-flavored water, which gave me an inexplicable comfort.

The customised meals at Naad, prepared on advice of doctors

Next came the unforgettable aromatherapy. They massaged my body with essential oils that had a faint, tranquil scent which made me experience mystic self-transcendence. My body felt extremely relaxed, and for the whole time, I was able to ward off unnecessary thoughts from my mind and concentrate on the moment itself. A truly revitalising experience, I must say.

The addition of yoga, meditation, and reflexology added to the charm of the whole process. Together, they restored my peace of mind and relieved me of stress. Even though I had long practised yoga and meditation, the experience and advice I got there were extraordinary. However, reflexology was something new to me. There was a path on which I would walk barefoot, and the track was designed in order to massage vital spots on the feet,  which would stimulate the nerve endings and speed up the process of balancing my tridoshas.

Reflexology at Naad Wellness

The best part was, they were punctual and well committed to their work. The staff was always on time to escort me for my therapy sessions, and it was these little things which made a hug impact on my journey of self-discovery and healing. Another small thing that made a big difference in the healing process was the ancient art of oil pulling. Oil pulling as we know it today has been around for thousands of years and originated in ancient India as an Ayurvedic practice used for “purifying” the body by “pulling” toxins out through the gums and mouth using oil as an adsorption (pulling) medium.

A safe haven fo healing- Why you should come to Naad Wellness

In times where the term “Ayurveda” has lost its true meaning among several practitioners and has only become a marketing gimmick for many, I was lucky to have found NAAD Wellness, which somehow has kept the spirit of ayurveda alive. Their practitioners are knowledgeable and well trained, and they take time to understand you before providing solutions.

They even go the extra mile to make you understand the underlying root of your challenges and explain the science behind their solutions. To sum up their approach in the simplest words, they follow the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, where Naadi is the origin of all of us, and in our body we have tridoshas—fundamental energies—which must be in balance to ensure our overall well being. Any disbalance will naturally lead to various health challenges. Once the imbalances are understood, a customisable personalised plan is made by the practitioner, and your healing journey begins.

Moments of Calmness at Naad

Moreover, the place follows a motto of disconnecting, healing, and reconnecting, where you disconnect with the outside world in order to have the time to introspect and heal. While restricting the usage of mobiles and any gadgets, you are encouraged to spend time in nature, amid the lush, green gardens. Once healed, you may reconnect with the innermost sanctums of yourself and resume your daily worldly life.

If you are someone who wants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and has a love for nature, NAAD Wellness will not disappoint you. You can come here and expect to restore balance between your body, mind, and spirit and generate a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain.

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