Thanedar: The Apple Land


‘Iam looking at a place to relax and re-stimulate my senses’ she said to a friend, casually massaging her head to get rid of stress she had while planning her next day at the office.  ‘Opt to go Thanedar’ pat come the reply.

Being an offbeat enthusiast, I always get drawn towards the beauty of nature which is pure, clean yet untouched by tourist. After all this is when you get to experience the real magnificence and essence of mountains clubbed with the magic of untainted air, which we breathe. It’s when you witness the splendor of such offbeat landscapes and destinations; you understand the true beauty of being alive.

Thanedar is the heartland of Himachal Pradesh which is famous for the Apple belts in the region. Located at a distance of 80 KM from Queen of Hill Stations, Shimla, the small town of Thanedar is usually considered a pass through for the tourists from Narkanda.

The place serves as a real essence for the people looking to relax and cut from the bustling life outside. What sets apart Thanedar is the unspoiled clean surroundings and the awe-inspiring snow capped peaks in the background, adding to the mood of every traveler to fall in love with it. Not to forget the star studded nights, where for once you will opt to forget everything. As you drive towards Thanedar from Shimla, one is constantly treated to a bird’s-eye view of different valleys as the road twists and turns from one spur to another.


History has it that the Orchard country of Thanedar and Kotgarh is regarded as the home to one of the first apple plantations in the country. In 1916, Samuel Stokes, a social worker from Philadelphia, brought the first apple saplings in the country and adopted Kotgarh as his home. 12 KM away from Thanedar, Kotgarh is known for its St Mary’s church built in 1872. With its lovely stained glass windows and pews sculpted from solid deodar wood, Kotgarh is worth the extra miles you drive

Thanedar offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains to the north and the meandering Sutlej below. The Narkanda ridge, a short distance away, is the watershed between the Sutlej on the north and the Giri River in the south. Khadrala and Baghi with their dense forests and Kumarsain with an interesting wooden palace are also easily accessible from Thanedar and can be opted for a visit.  The area around Thanedar is also the orchard region of Himachal, where cherries, strawberries and apples etc. abound.

Among the other visual treats around Thanedar are:

  • Tani Jubbar Lake which is 6 KM away
  • 3352m high Hatu Peak
  • Parmjyotir Temple built by Samuel Stokes

So, if you want to go offbeat, relax and soak in the real glory of Nature, opt for Thanedar !

Fast Facts:

  • Distance from Delhi: 461 KM
  • Best time: Thanedar is accessible throughout the year by Road. It has a beguiling summer and a wonderful snowy winter
  • By Bus: Reach Shimla by bus and taxi thereafter
  • By Train: Kalka is the nearest station for Thanedar. Taxi thereafter
  • By Air: Chandigarh Airport. Taxi thereafter

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