Flying Bird at Bir Billing
POSTED ON July 04, 2015 UPDATED ON July 04, 2015


Sometimes I feel it’s difficult to put forward few experiences that we encounter during our travels. The experience which leaves you speechless, not knowing what to do say or write. It’s like fighting to find the words to express the feeling but unable to sum up in exact tone. Something which is happening with me right now, while Iam trying to put down my experience of Paragliding at Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh. Finding no option, guess I will switch to another creative side of mine which I call as Poetic Expression

Bir Billing needs no introduction. Amidst all the serenity and beauty, Bir Billing is Asia’s highest point for Paragliding and is a well known site both among Indian & foreigner pilots. The place counts among one of the finest aero sports sites in the world which organises many world championship. Billing is the host of Paragliding World cup 2015, which will take place in October and will see the professional pilots participating from across the world. Apparently I paraglided in Bir Billing last year as well, only to be back again 😉


So let me share what I felt while I was in the air, feeling like a Flying Bird.

To give you all an idea, the poem sums up my journey from being a shy-introvert girl to a girl deciding to take on the roads 🙂


Looking up in the sky

I always had a dream to fly

So high and escape on the sly

Always wondering what it will be like to fly !

To open my arms and flapping my wings there

To feel the magic in the air

But I never thought I would be able to fly

No matter how much I try !

One day, I decided to put everything on hold

To test the wings of the gold

Flying Bird as Iam being called

Here Iam putting everything on sold !

Padded up with the equipment and head gear

With a glider & pilot on my rear

Waiting to experience the moment of joy

The time I decided to test the sky !

Run Run Run as I was ordered

Until suddenly I hung over Bir Billing, pondered

I could see the panoramic view of the valley, far below

The beauty left me astonished, wanting me to have more !

I took a deep breath to look down

To see what waits, if I fail or fall down

I noticed million of trees to get caught into

And a tender Earth to sink into !

And then I looked up in the paradise

Painted with blue, white clouds and snow capped mountains by its side

Shouting at me to give it a try

I heard them saying Fly Bird, Fly !

I felt the ground rushed up to meet me

Yes, I could smell the sense of independence and free

Filled with thrill, bliss and joy, I finally laughed

Freed from the shackles of Fear and nothing to fright !

My heart said it loud to me

It was just the beginning of my time and happy ME !!!

Getting There:

By Road: Take a Shatabdi to Chandigarh or an overnight journey to Pathankot. Taxi thereafter
By Bus: Take a bus till Dharamshala or Baijnath. Taxi thereafter
By Air: Gaggal Airport is the nearest. Two and half hour drive thereafter

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