Thank you Guys ! Your words are a great motivator. Buoyant Feet feels proud and happy that she could encourage you people in some way 🙂


~~I believe, each one of us think about solo travelling at least once in the lifetime but it actually takes a lot of courage to do it. You definitely need a right push at the right time. For me the push came from this blog, from an article on Solo Traveling, which I started reading casually. By the time I was done reading it, I found my path and I decided to travel solo, despite NO experience. Words after all, are a great motivator, right? The meaning of life changes once you travel solo. You never want to go back to your old life. It truly is a gift. A gift that, for me, was initiated by BUOYANT FEET~~ Vishaal Madan, Chartered Accountant & now a Travel enthusiasts


~~Buoyant Feet is an inspiring blog which tells this story of a girl who has traveled unseen and unheard places, that any nature lover would want to visit once in the lifetime. This blog was my bible which I followed diligently while planning my tour to Leh. Swati took great pains in guiding us about the place as well as elaborating on the stories behind. Her stories has inspired me.I am grateful and wish she continues to share her journey so that we- the curious ones- get motivated and enjoy the beauty of the places she visit.Buoyant Feet is going to be my guide for all my tours and I look forward to see her write and keep up the good work, as we need lot many like her who travel and inspire many more~~ Vivek Patel, Mumbai, Consultant


~~ I am a born traveler, who want to travel for life, as well as has to maintain a work-life balance. I met some very good travelers in my journey. With some I could share everything but somehow I was unable to connect with them and explain my experiences. Swati- the flying bird was a real wonder for me. Reason- Multiple !She is very inquisitive to know things with her immerse smile and Buoyant Feet gave her wings to follow her passionate dreams. I am keen reader of this blog where she created a space for people like us, to share their travelling experiences without judgement. Love You Swati..Keep that Spirit alive~~ Amrita Joshi, Marketing Consultant and a Crazy Traveler


~~ Buoyant Feet blog is not only informative but also motivating. When you read about her travelling experiences, you understand that she is not trying to sell the idea of going to that place, but she is selling her experience, which is always rich and motivating. As a reader, I find her blog informative, motivating and detailed. I wish her very best in her endeavor to get more and more people to travel ~~ Anurag Rana, Public Relation Specialist

11247975_10153442467711241_2465383937254941286_n~~Following Buoyant Feet, I can only say that if you have the zest to follow your dreams, nothing is impossible. As they say, even impossible say IAM-POSSIBLE. I feel really proud that you are doing all that which let you live your dream. Travel and Buoyant Feet is your dream come true. Iam happy that you introduce me to India in such a fantastic way, which makes me feel proud of the country I belong to. Immense beautiful and captivating. Keep up your enthusiasm and keep capturing this world with BUOYANT FEET. All the best for your future endeavors~~ Rupali Kanwal Rao, Yoga Instructor

10623974_10153642146647818_8038610438025015313_o~~ Some experiences are worth sharing, some experiences cannot be narrated as they are beyond words, some experiences are to be relived again and again….. while following ‘Buoyant Feet’ blog i realized that there are some experiences which can change your life and can change the way you think about yourself…. I would like to thank Ms. Swati Jain for starting this blog and through her narrations of her escapades motivated many people. This blog is a pure reflection of a lady’s determination & love towards traveling unknown places solo… I feel really proud to know her. I wish her all the best by saying there are miles and miles to cover across this country and with your passion to know and explore India, Iam confident you will. All I can say is Enlighten us, Encourage us, Empower us & Educate us. Be a Roadstar, Be Buoyant ~~- Khantil Shah, PR professional, Travel Enthusiast and Nature lover

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