Chasing the Sunsets at Merese Hill of Lombok Island, Indonesia

“I spotted one of my best sunsets here” I told a friend as I was walking back to my hotel in Lombok island of Indonesia from Merese Hill.

Merese Hill of Kuta Lombok Island

Located at Tanjung Aan Beach in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Bukit Merese, as it is known, is the best sunset view point is in the region of Kuta Lombok. Kuta Lombok is the most popular destination on the island of Lombok which is full of hip cafe’s and is the hub for surfing and beach adventures.

Though reaching the top of merese hill require a bit of physical exertion, as it’s a 15-20 minutes hike up. But, you are guaranteed a beautiful view of the adjoining beaches from the above. It’s impossible not to admire the view in any part of the hill here. The most awaited moments at Bukit Merese are the sunrise and the sunset. You can see the sky turns reddish and can almost see the sun going down into the hills. I have heard that the sunrise is mesmerizing as well, as the purple sky precedes the dawn. The sea, too, turns into a purple spectacle. Yet to see it though

What does Merese Means?

Locals call this hill as Merisik, meaning bald or barren. The hill is indeed barren and there is no tree or greenery whatsoever on it. The hill is covered in short grass and rocky outcrop here and there.

From atop the hill, if you look east, you will find the entire beautiful Tanjung Aan Bay, with its wonderful beach. To the west, you will find Serenting beach, Elizabeth beach and its several small rocky islands. Merese hill is definately worth a visit in Kuta Lombok island of Indonesia

Pro Travel tips:

● Carry your hat and sunglasses

● Wear comfortable shoes as climbing up the merese hill requires a 20 mins rough walk

● Carry water. You wouldn’t get anything at the top. Sometimes there is a coconut vendor but it depends

Planning to go to Merese Hill. Please let me know in the comment section below


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