A step by step Travel Guide to explore Lombok island in under 48 hours

This was the first time that I was visiting an island in Indonesia and what an incredible experience I had. Just when I took the flight from Bali airport to Lombok and the sheer beauty that I witnessed from above, I knew this is going to be one heck of a trip. And it was. Lombok island impressed me and it’s time that I share a travel guide incase you also want to explore Lombok island in 48 hours

Merese Hills: Merese Hill, locally called as Merisik Hill, is a small peninsula located on the southern coast of Lombok Island. Overlooking several beautiful beaches in South Lombok. Honestly, I spotted one of my best sunsets from here that I actually felt that I should have just sat here for hours adoring it’s raw beauty. I mean anywhere I looked it just looked so mesmerising that it was difficult to decide which way to look and which way to avoid. Merese Hills is my must recommended places if you are planning a trip to Lombok Island

A visit to Ende Village and learning about Sasak Tribe of Lombok: Sasak tribe is one of the oldest settlements in the island of Lombok, who have been preserving their ancient culture as it is, a glimpse of which I got in the ende Village of Lombok which is one of first village of Sadak tribe in this island of Indonesia and serving as a living museum of Sasak culture. I have already written a detailed blog where I have shared about Sasak people in depth. You can read the blog here

Kelampu Waterfalls Hike: Like I said, Lombok has got everything for everyone. Benang Kelampu Waterfalls is a good option for people who would want to indulge in a little adventure during their stay in Lombok island, as reaching this waterfall will require a steep hike of 30 minutes. And by experience of visiting Benang Kelampu Waterfalls I can tell you, that I was completely blown away just by the site of it. The most interesting part that I noticed that this waterfall didn’t have any river source and falls almost naturally. Another must recommendation incase you are planning a trip to Lombok

The Pottery Village of Lombok: Being a cultural lover myself, it is almost impossible to keep me away from exploring the art and craft side of lombok. Though pottery isn’t a famous craft of Lombok, but a visit here is definately something I will recommend as it will give you an insight into the cultural aspect of Lombok locals. What’s more interesting is that you can indulge with the locals and try your hands at some pottery too

Gili Islands: Though I would recommend a stay on Gili Islands, but still if you are short on time take a 15 minutes boat ride through the rough tides to reach one of the Gili Islands, known what it’s majestic beauty and party culture. I mean the moment I reached at Gili, I knew I will make a come back because the vibes and the feel of this island is just superb. A visit to Lombok, is incomplete without a visit to gili, so do plan it. I took a bike ride here which costed me 25000 IDR for two hours

Best way to see Lombok Island

Lombok Transport options are surprisingly easy.

Bus: From the International Airport there is a bus which can take you to Mataram or Senggigi

Bemo: This is a small van with an open back and a bench seat along either side, much like shared
autos in major metro cities of India. This is a common and cheapest form of transport in

Do you want to know or has anything to say about Lombok. Let me know in the comment
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