Is Banjara Market the cheapest Furniture Market of Gurgaon?

You know on some days, I do feel a little awkward when a random question would pop that if I can guide them with unique places in Delhi NCR. I mean, despite the fact that I am a born Delhiite; I seldom could tell them anything because I am guilty of not knowing my backyard well. Though, I know a fraction of Delhi but not as good as I would know the other parts of India. So, this year just before the COVID took over the world, I decided to explore my surroundings and was pleasantly surprised to spot few gems

What is Banjara Market in Gurgaon?

 Banjara Market is a road side settlement in sector-56 of Gurgaon, which is famous for its cheapest furniture in the entire Delhi- NCR region. The name Banjara has been driven from the nomadic tribe of Rajasthan by the same name, who have migrated from the city of Chittoor and have made this place their permanent settlement for over 15 years now.

This man was happy getting clicked at Banjara Market

What can you get at Banjara Market, Gurgaon?

Banjara market is famous for its cheap home décor items, starting from the fancy mirrors, beds, antiques to cute tiny wall pieces. Honestly, I was personally impressed with the large variety of products that you can spot at just one place.

Infact, the décor pieces that you get at Banjara Market are so exotic that I spotted interior designers as well shopping from here. Well, they get good margin too. But, here is a thing that you need to cross check. Since, the items that are available at Banjara Market ain’t made locally by the people, make sure that you double check your piece before buying. I could spot some defective pieces too

Banjara Market is the cheapest Furniture market of Gurgaon

Is Banjara Market the cheapest market of Gurgaon?

Honestly, while I heard about Banjara market of Gurgaon, I got intrigued but was left disappointed on checking it initially. It is because wherever I went, either I didn’t get good deal or there wasn’t much scope of bargaining. Rather, I found Banjara Market a little expensive compared to the other home décor markets in Delhi

The reason could be that the pieces that you get here aren’t made locally rather get manufactured from the other parts of India. But, there is also another thing that I noticed. The more you would go into the interiors of Banjara market of Gurgaon, the better it gets for a better deal. Some of them even give stuff at a negligible price, which doesn’t mean that you would bargain unnecessary, offcourse 🙂

What are the pricings at Banjara Market, Gurgaon?

I have personally picked up items as cheap as Rs. 20/-, so I should say that it depends. You can expect to get things as cheap as Rs. 10 and it can go upto Rs. 20,000/- depending on what are you buying. Honestly, prices are really unpredictable to guess at Banjara market in Gurgaon but please be mindful. Don’t just pick anything for free, as they also need to survive

Pro Tips:

  • Up your BARGAIN skills: There is a lot, I means A LOT of scope to bargain at Banjara market. So, make sure either you upscale your bargaining skills or come here with someone who is good at it
  • Wear Walking shoes. It involves walking (a lot)
  • Carry sunglasses and hats as the market is dusty
  • Carry Water and eateries as there is not much scope to get these things here

How to Travel to Banjara Market

Take a metro till Huda City center and from there you can get a shared auto. Personal auto will cost Rs. 50/-  

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