Human by Nature: An Ode

We have heard this often that the best lessons are learnt from the road and I fully agree. More than a passion, I adore travel for being my best teacher because it has helped me evolve for better, with each situation or experience that I encountered. If am able to say it today that the world is a beautiful place to live, I know it is and a lot of its credit goes to the amazing souls that I have met on the travels, in all these years. Those human by nature that helped me form this opinion. I mean today if I come to think of it, isn’t it the human connections which makes us remember a place and keep it in our memory for good or bad? It is certainly so

Travel is the best teacher one can ever get 🙂

I still adore that distinct memory of my guesthouse in Zanskar Valley where I was hosted as a family member. I could still remember the face of the guesthouse lady, who didn’t allow me to sleep without food, when I came back tired from a trek. I still couldn’t forget that couple who extended their helping hand, when I got struck in a remote area of Rajasthan. Doesn’t an experience like these, allow you to embrace the humanity?

As I sat and decided to remind myself, of all those beautiful experiences that faded from my conscious mind in these years, I cannot help but smile. It took me back to the time when I was shit scared of traveling alone and I still remember the day when I was told to travel to Kerala, all by my own to handle a client meeting. This is where my journey with the human’scape’ begun

A Driver who made me fell in love with Kerala: They say that it takes only one experience to form a perception for good or bad. For me personally, it started scary but on a good note. It was scary because I never heard good things about traveling in India, a notion that I could break with my 1000 days of solo backpacking across the 20 states.

My First meeting with Kerala and I knew I will love it for sure 🙂

It was good because the driver took the initiative of making me feel comfortable and opted to show me the best of Kerala back then. He made me eat at the best places and made me see the sites that I always heard. Honestly, this sounds all strange because back then I wasn’t a person who would want to travel in India with a stranger. But, as I write this I could only remember his smiling face and the care he showed

A story of an old man who communicates with Pigeons: Yes, you read that right. It sounded a bit weird when I heard about it from the driver I was traveling with but nevertheless any experience is worth enough if it is making you grow. Here is this old man in one of the Jain temple of Kochi, who would recite the holy Jain mantra to these pigeons, before feeding them. I am a witness of this sight and believe me when I say that it left me with goose bumps, when you see the birds listening to him. I was told that with time the pigeon have learnt to eat once during the day. Something unbelievable but there is certain things in life, which should be left as it is and shouldn’t be questioned. The moment is what you should embrace and a fine example of human gelling with the nature perfectly

That’s my first visit to one of the temple in Kochi where I saw them praying 🙂

A community of people preserving the art of Shadow Puppetry: Honestly, I respect those communities who work tirelessly to keep their cultural heritage alive because it is these ancient traditions which make our country unique from others. With modernisation kicking in, most of them are dimishing but here I met the people from Pulavar community who are solely taking the responsibility of preserving the unique art of shadow puppetry in Kerala.

Rajeev Pulavar of Pulavar clan trying to protect the shadow puppetry of Kerala. Here in the picture he is working on making a puppet

Tholpavakoothu or the shadow puppet play is a fine example of the integration of Aryan and Dravidian cultures. Talking to them, I realised that it is so important for youngsters like us to keep respecting our culture because that’s what defines us

Over the years, I have met many people on the road and some of them are my good friends too but it is indeed the human connection that makes us. I hope to continue build the fond memories and meet more such amazing souls on my travel

Did you have a human connection story too? Do share it in the comment section below

P.S. The blog is written in collaboration with the human by nature campaign by Kerala Tourism. However, all the experiences and opinion are mine

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