I met the GOD in REAL at Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

I met the god in real at Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Wondering how?

As we started proceeding towards the west face of Mount Kailash, I was stopped and asked have you ever met a GOD in REAL? Obviously, oblivious to what this person meant, I nodded a NO. “Come, I will make you meet the GOD now. Be prepared with your wishes. They grant” I was told jokingly

Looking at Mount Kailash from Deraphuk, the North Face of Mount Kailash

I thought to myself that they might be pulling my leg but by that time my mind already started envisioning imagery images, which also led me to frame this story on the spot: My meeting with the god!

Obviously, I didn’t realise what this person actually meant but while I was walking, I was stopped midway and asked “Did you meet the god now?” I stood confused there confused for a moment thinking to myself, God? What? Where? I guess I missed it, something which ran in my mind

You can see them. They are right there” as he pointed towards this Tibetan couple who was bowing down and up, offering prayers which is called as dandvat pranam.

Danvat Pranam by a Tibetan Couple at Kailash Yatra

From where they are getting this energy to so this, crossed my mind as I was trying to breathe and get some energy back into my body. “Seeing them changed my perception about GOD in 2015, during my third visit to Kailash and I just wanted you to meet them too” this person said as we proceeded further

But not before my mind jolted: Who is God?

I am not a religious person and anyone who knows me swears by this. So, this is obvious that I am not writing this story with an inclination to fascinate anyone. This story is purely based on my observation and experience which I wanted to write and share

These smiling tibetan faces at Kailash

But, not being a religious person doesn’t mean that I don’t recognise a force that guides us. I am a spiritually inclined person which simply means that I recognise that our conscious is more than just a body. We are a product with infinite possibilities that can be explored from within us.

Everything lies within you. Me meditating at Deraphuk, the North Face of Mount Kailash 🙂

And that is what struck me when I saw them perform dandvat pranam. A god is defined as a supreme being who is above any material universe and his existence personifies faith. And that is what I felt when I saw them. A supreme powerful being who doesn’t care about materialistic things and their existence will only make you believe and faith stronger.

There is a power with each one of us which is acts as our guidance force for everything. Now, you can call this as god or your own consciousness. It is upto you to define it but the truth is we are all blessed with that one supreme power which remains our guiding angel for the rest of our lives. All you need a little believe and faith to let you illuminate you. Ignite your inner consciousness. Ignite your inner god as I thought to myself and as I said, I am glad to meet god in real at Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

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