5 Life Lessons from the Movie Thappad

Finally, this week was catching up with the critically acclaimed Taapsee Pannu starrer Thappad (translates to a slap), a movie I was looking forward to watch for the longest time. Those who are yet to catch on this movie, Thappad revolves around a happy go lucky housewife Amrita (Taapsee Pannu) and her ambitious husband Vikram (Pavail Gulati), who have been happily married for several years. One day, at an office party, to celebrate Vikram’s promotion that would have them relocate to London, Vikram gets a call from his boss that he isn’t getting the promotion. He argues with his superior who is at the party for not backing him up for the promotion and slaps Amrita in a fit of rage, when she tries to stop him. Vikram doesn’t apologize to her for his misconduct and the whole movie revolves around how it is not fine to slap, as Amrita realised she lost her self respect and love for Vikram

Precisely, the reason that I decided to blog about it because I felt I have to write it. I felt the movie Thappad very subtly highlighted and addressed issues that are faced in a relationship in today’s age. I thought there are few things that we as individuals needs to understand and value. So, here are my lessons and observations from the movie Thappad

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Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that I am turning into a Bollywood or movie critic. You will seldom see me talking about any movie but I feel sometimes it is okay to share your opinion. So, wait until I write my observations for the movie Joker, because that’s another flicker that caught my eyes. Again, a late watch though 😛

THE DEFINED GENDER ROLES : Seriously, I doesn’t get the point why we define roles for anyone, based on gender? It piss me off when any random XYZ try to explain me that there are certain things that needs to be obeyed with ME being a WOMAN and HE being a MAN. In the movie, it lays clear indication that while Vikram goes to the office to earn and afford luxury for his family, Amrita is happy being a good housewife, seldom getting appreciated for managing her house effortlessly.

I feel blessed because I have seen my father sharing equal work with my mother, in managing home. And I have seen my mother working and managing equal expenses with my dad. And that’s how it should be. Managing everything EQUALLY, rather than teaching and setting wrong examples that a man has to earn and a woman has to manage home. Because, that’s when you can really appreciate what an individual goes through

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS: Towards the end of the movie, the main lead Amrita confessed that “when anyone would ask her what she wants to do, when she grows up, she doesn’t remember saying that she wants to be a housewife, probably she never wanted to be one“. A moment that touched me the most, you know why because we as humans are never conditioned to follow our dreams. So, while Amrita’s father always wanted her to pursue her passion of dance, her mother on the another hand silently instilled those values where she chose to be a happy housewife. Dreams are meant to be lived. I remember a friend once shared that it is wise enough if we are taught to follow our dreams at an early age because there comes a point in life where you REGRET for NOT doing that shit, that you always wanted to do. Never let that happen to you. Follow what your heart truly desires!

RESPECT YOURSELF AND BE HAPPY: The thing which we need to know and should be taught. Respect ourselves nd learn to be happy, in whatever choices we make. It is okay if a girl doesn’t like to cook or manage home. It is equally fine if a man doesn’t want a settled corporate career and pursue something else. The key is happiness and valuing oneself. Do it before it gets too late!

BUILD AN EQUATION OF UNDERSTANDING: Most of the movie it is shown how a women compromise in her marriage, to keep her family and society happy. When Amrita was slapped, her mother in law told her to ignore, for the sake of family’s reputation. No, it is not fine to slap anyone just because she is your wife. It is equally not okay to take the men granted for everything. Both, needs to be told where they are wrong and both needs to be taught that marriage is an institution which can work on equal understanding.

NEVER COMPROMISE: Last but not the least; don’t compromise your life and happiness for anything. In the movie, it is shown how women breathe for fresh air and compromise almost on everything. They crave for love and attention from their husbands but still are happy to be in the marriage because the society will

I am seriously not the one who should give an advice here because you know, I am neither married or have any boyfriend. But, talking to my friends and hearing them out, I know that at the end marriage becomes a compromise if time is not given to a relationship. It’s important to nurture a relationship, you spare some time together everyday and talk. Share you feelings and what the day has been. Why compromise? I don’t get it again !

Watched this movie? Comment below and let me know your thoughts on the same. Would love to read them

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