My Top 4 Reasons why I loved staying at Aahana- the Corbett Wilderness Resort

“A walk in nature, walks the soul back home” – Mary Davis

At times, there comes a period in your life when travel acts as your best escape in the real sense, to help you deal with certain things. Honestly, I look forward to this kind of travel plans where I can just be me and doesn’t do anything much, except relaxing. Who doesn’t want it right? Especially, when things ain’t pretty good in your life at the moment!

Therefore, when I landed with an invitation from Aahana, the Corbett Wilderness Resort at Corbett last month, I immediately accepted with just one thought that I really need to breathe and what better place than in the wilderness of Corbett National Park. Now, let me tell you that though I pretty much read good reviews of Aahana online, I didn’t go with many expectations probably because I wasn’t even in the right frame of mind, to think of anything else.

That’s the happy me at Aahana

I was just looking forward to spend some quality time with my travel pals & allow myself to relax. But, the moment I entered Aahana, I should tell you that the first thought that crossed my mind was that it couldn’t be better than this. Everything at this resort felt peaceful, just as I glanced and I was yet to experience its hospitality.

So, here I thought of sharing my top 4 reasons that made Aahana worth a visit 🙂

The Spacious and well designed rooms: This goes without saying that there is a reason that Aahana Resorts has been ranked placed amongst the Top 25 luxury properties in India. It is not only about the vast area that this resort covers but also the spacious and well designed Victorian style architecture rooms that they offer. Let’s take a tour of my room 🙂

The Organic Kitchen: Honestly, one of the best things that I loved about staying at Aahana is its organic kitchen, which means that whatever you are served is not only organic but has been prepared using the bio gas plant.

The 15 percent of the land owned by Aahana is reserved for growing vegetables and fruits for the guests as well as there is a gaushala inside this resort through which comes the milk and dung for gas generation. Even, the pesticides used are made in-house minus the chemicals.

Honestly, while I was eating here I mentioned this to one of my friend that the food doesn’t feel heavy, despite me over eating.

My Kumauni Thali at Aahana

Well, I can blame it on the weather but nevertheless use of bio gas plant is something which definitely impressed me about Aahana.

The organic spread at Aahana

I almost have eaten everything here at Dhikala, the multi-cuisine restaurant of Aahana, which I wouldn’t otherwise, starting from Lotus stem to brinjal. We almost gobbled down two tanks of carrot juice. It was this tasty

Bird Watching and Jungle Walk with Mr. Ramesh Barlow: Now, this is something I would seriously recommend to everyone opting to stay at Aahana. Mr. Ramesh Barlow, the in-house naturalist of Aahana is not only good with his knowledge on birds & species but the positive aura that this man carries with a smile on his face and his periodic jokes, is something that makes the jungle walks all the more interesting with him.

I should mention that while we weren’t able to spot a tiger at the Corbett, this man made a special effort to take us on his car for a jungle walk, in an area where the sighting is possible, just in the hope that we could spot one

Screening of a Wildlife movie over Bon- fire: I have been to Corbett National Park numerous times and have stayed with pretty much good properties but this is actually the first time that I got to see a movie on Jim Corbett or wildlife over a Bon-fire. This is a ritual with Aahana to play these movies every evening for their guests. Sometimes, this gets clubbed with the cultural performances as well

Aahana- the Corbett Wilderness Resort is also known for its Naturopathy center, where I am told that people actually opt to come to Aahana, for lifestyle modification. Though, I haven’t experienced this part of Aahana but would certainly like to try on my next visit here

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