The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple doesn’t hang anymore

Veerbhadra temple, famously known as the Lepakshi Temple, situated in Lepakshi village of Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh is a popular weekend getaway, especially for the people of Bangalore and Hyderabad. But, what attracts major chunk of tourists to Lepakshi temple is its Hanging Pillar, which is one of its kinds in Asia. You heard that right! A Hanging pillar which doesn’t touch the ground and rather stands without any support from anywhere.

The Famous Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi

Atleast, this is what attracted me and convinced me to make a visit to Lepakshi temple, when I heard about the first time.  Infact, my inquisitiveness to see this hanging pillar was so high, that I didn’t enter any other part of the temple but rather preferred seeing it first. Seeing this pillar astonished me as I found that it doesn’t hang anymore and rather touch the ground from one side

How I doubted Hanging Pillar not touching the Ground!

It is a popular belief that a piece of cloth or a newspaper can be passed through this pillar to check if it passes through all the sides. Someone told me that if a cloth passes through this pillar, a wish is granted. Now, when I tried doing the same I observed that the scarf that I used; got struck at one end and wouldn’t pass. A closer look at the pillar confirmed that it indeed touch the ground from one end and is not really hanging any more.

The side from where the hanging pillar touches the ground
Notice the corner towards the right which touch the ground

How the Hanging Pillar doesn’t Hang anymore

Well, it was indeed interesting to understand why hanging pillar was build at Lepakshi temple during the 16th century. An engineer marvel in itself, hanging pillar was built in such a way that it acts as a support for the ceiling and the other 69 carved pillars of Lepakshi temple and still not touch the ground. They wanted to build this pillar to showcase the technical advancements of the time. But, a British officer during the pre independence era tried to make modification to this pillar, in order to understand how this pillar stands off the ground, without any support. In process to understand the making of this pillar, they tried to shift this pillar, which left it tilted from one corner. It was not feasible to move this pillar at all as the other pillars inside the temple rested on it support. And, that’s how the hanging pillar got impacted

Having said this, I will urge you to go and see this marvel because it truly showcases the talent and brilliant minds that our country had, during the time when technology wasn’t even present. And still they were able to build a pillar which still leaves you mesmerised by its first sight 

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