Top 3 things to see in Lepakshi Village in under 5 hours

On my recent visit to Bangalore, the one place I couldn’t miss revisiting was Lepakshi Village. My first visit to Lepakshi was in the year 2016, while I was solo backpacking across India but that time I wasn’t able to cover much. Nevertheless, considering the culturally and archeologically rich that this site is, I had no option but to make a comeback and finally I was here to explore it in its full glory

Look at the carvings of Lepakshi Temple

Reaching Lepakshi Village

But no trip is fun without any adventure. My initial plan for Lepakshi was to leave from Bangalore in the early hours so that I can reach this village before 10, but nothing went as per the plan. I got late and we were able to leave from Bangalore by 9:30 AM only. Speeding on we were able to reach Lepakshi village in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh. But, getting late I was still able to cover the major chunk in limited time that I had. So, here are my top 3 recommendation in Lepakshi village in under 5 hours:

Veerbhadra Temple (Also known as Lepakshi Temple):  Veerbhadra is considered to be yet another form of Lord Shiva. The origination of this temple is believed to have come from the mourning phase of Lord Shiva, while in grief in anger mourning his wife death, threw his hairs on earth and it is believed to have fallen exactly at this place.

Shiva Linga at Veerbhadra Temple

This temple is a must recommendation for its brilliant architectural work, built in the Vijayanagara style with carvings and faded paintings at almost every surface of this temple.

Nandini Bull: At a distance of 500 m from Lepakshi Temple, Nandi is one of the main attraction point in Lepakshi. It was built during Vijayanagara period when the main Veerabhadra Temple was built.

A distant view of the Nandi Bull

What makes this bull unique is that it is carved out of a single granite rock and is said to be the second largest monolithic structure in India. It is 20 feet in height and 30 feet in length.

It was difficult to capture this minus the crowd 😂

It is said that this nandi bull faces in the exact direction of Veerabhadra Temple because it’s a temple of Lord Shiva but unlike the submission expression, the face of this bull is a slightly high. Can be the reason that this bull is built at a slight distance

Jatayu Theme Park:  Recently, a theme park has been built by Andhra Pradesh tourism board dedicated to the bird Jatayu, which has a deep connection with the origin of Lepakshi.

A distant view of Jatayu Theme Park from Nandi Bull

The best part about going to this park is that it offers 360 degree view of antire Lepakshi village from the top.

From the top of Jatayu Theme Park

You can also see Veerbhadra Temple and the nandi bull from here. There is a nominal charge to enter this park and they give FREE wifi 🙂

Pro Tips:

  • All these three sites gets closed by 6 PM, so plan accordingly
  • Carry hat/scarf, sunscreen, googles and socks. The afternoon time in Lepakshi is really hot
  • Carry your own food and water in Lepakshi. You wouldn’t get much to eat at this place

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