The Sole Purpose of Human Life- YOGA (Part 4)

This blog is in continuation with my series, where I am sharing how Yoga has helped me transform my life and made me understand various other facets that governs the human consciousness

In the part 3 for this series, I shared how the term Yog has been misinterpreted over the years and what does it really means. I shared that Asanas and Pranayama are just one part of Yoga and there are several other forms of yog, and majority of them have nothing to do with the exercise or meditation. Asanas and Pranayama are merely a mode of physical and mental exercise to prepare human body and mind for higher realms, for which we need to understand two things: What is our purpose as a human on this planet and what are the complete parameters of leading a Yogic life

So let’s start by understanding what is the purpose of human life

We the humans are the most beautiful creation of this planet earth, created by the Universe for a purpose. A purpose which is really easy and concrete but somewhere in chasing life, we have forgotten to live with it fully.

Do you know the purpose for your existence? Do you know why the humans were created on this earth? This purpose is Joy and Success. Confused? Let me explain it further

Why we are chasing money every day? Why we want to climb that corporate ladder? Why do we want a huge house or want that latest gadget in the market or want to buy and wear the best of outfits?

You might say that you want to wear the best because you want to look good. You want money so that you can get what you want. You want to be at a higher level in the corporate. But what is the base of doing all this?

Isn’t it happiness? Isn’t it the joy of having all this? Isn’t it the satisfaction?  To be happy from the inside?

I am not making an unsubstantiated statement either. The law of happiness and joy have been prevalent since ages now. If you closely look at our progress from the centuries, you will notice that consistent efforts have been made by the humans to constantly keep improving their lives for the betterment of human life. The life which our ancestors have led, we are leading a far better and developed life? Isn’t it?

Joy and happiness should be the in whatever you do
Joy and happiness should be the in whatever you do

From facing the harsh weather while leading a forest life, we have progressed to giving ourselves a concrete permanent structure we call home, so that we can stay protected from harsh weather. The raw food of the previous times has been replaced with thousands of delectable cuisines. Today, thousands of organisations are working towards the betterment of society, fighting to give US- the human race- a better life

Why all these efforts then?

Even our scriptures have mentioned the base of human life as happiness. Thousands of saints spoke about the human upliftment. And if not all this, why do we go to temples and pray in front of god? It is belief? Belief of what? I want to ask that how would you FEEL if all of your wishes and desires are granted. Isn’t it the feeling of HAPPINESS?    

Even the science and technology are making effort each day for the betterment of human race. Developing the best of technology for the comfort of human race. Be it the internet, mobile phone, television, refrigerator, stove, cars, air conditioners, blowers,

Luxury, entertainment, education or developing the best of medicines to prevent the deadliest of the diseases, isn’t it a miracle what our live today has been blessed with?

To be Happy, Successful and Joyousness is the first and the only purpose of Human life. Being cheerful all the time is our foremost right

And yet despite all the collective efforts put in by the human race for our upliftment, to lead a happy life around 95 percent population in the world suffers from anxiety, stress and depression

Honestly, this is unfortunate that despite constant efforts which has been put in by everyone from centuries for our happiness- Anger, Ego, failure, tension, boredom, violence is very much part of everyone lives. We do not live to our true purpose

Now what do you think, what can be the problem? Where is the problem? Is it society? Is it science? Is it scriptures?

The answer is pretty simple. Infact, answer is within you. To find this answer carefully examine the entire functioning of the human life. What our life is driven by? Isn’t it emotions?

When something good happens we are automatically joyful because our EMOTION that time is happy. When something bad happens, we feel miserable, stressed because our emotions that time is SAD. Isn’t it so? It is from these emotions that we shape the feeling of that particular moment, which in turn shapes our life

Now you would ask me, controlling emotions you can shape your dream life. You certainly can. That’s true but the question is how can you control these emotions? For this it is important to understand the emotional guidance system and see how it works the best for you.

I would elaborate about this in my next blog. This blog is originally published on Magnetic Power of Mind: _ The other venture of mine where I help people transform their life for better ! From where does is arise?

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