How Pregnancy Yoga Helps Normal Delivery in 9 Months

If you’re considering pregnancy yoga for normal delivery in 9 months then keep reading to find out useful tips and safety guidelines. This guest article is contributed by Jessica He who is the owner of Maternity Yoga Pants online store and helps mom-to-be and yogi buy more affordable and high-quality yoga clothes online. You can reach Jessica at or visit directly.

Yoga is an ancient art that syncs the mind and body, to help you achieve physical and emotional balance, if practiced regularly. Unfortunately in today’s scenario, some people take just one look at a pose name and run towards the same direction, unaware of its pros and cons. It is not surprising to know that these are the same people, those without knowing the complete benefit of a posture, practice it and declare it as not working. They even discourage the expecting mothers to try them as well

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Thankfully, the scenario has changed a lot and most of us now understand the importance of exercise for a pregnant woman. There are a number of reasons why yoga is highly recommended to them. First and foremost, practicing pregnancy yoga is beneficial because it helps build muscle strength which is required to give birth. It also helps pregnant women learn to stay calm during the birth, through various breathing techniques taught to them

So, if you are an expectant mother or know someone, who wants to consider yoga as a source of exercise then keep reading! We will talk about the benefits of yoga as well as share tips and safety guidelines.

Why Should You Sign Up For Pregnancy Yoga?

In order to give birth comfortably, your body needs to be prepared to stretch till a certain level. And if your body is well prepared for it, this will also help you bounce back into your normal shape. Giving birth requires physical and mental endurance. Therefore, it is imperative that a dedicated time is allotted to practising Yoga, so that you can prepare yourself and your body better.

During pregnancy yoga, you learn to visualize birth as you pace your breathing and allow your muscles to stretch naturally. These practice sessions do eventually help you while you’re giving birth. Because you have been able to feel and practice the moment with your body, it won’t seem like a daunting experience.

Benefits of Yoga

Besides this, some basic and well-known benefits of yoga are given below:

  • Yoga involves practicing meditation to develop a sense of well-being. Daily practice of meditation relieves stress
  • If you practice yoga the continuous exercise and yoga will also help your body relax more easily. This will help improve your sleep cycles.
  • The poses involved in yoga regulate healthy joint movement. This will help solve any issues you might have with your back.
  • Yoga helps in curing nausea and regulate choppy breathing
    It will help you to build your strength and increase your flexibility, as well as the muscle endurance. In the long term, this will also help the body heal itself properly

Yoga For Beginners: What To Expect – When You’re Expecting – From Yoga?

If you’ve decided to take the normal yoga classes, instead of specialised pregnancy yoga, then remember to talk to the instructor, so that they can work with you and incorporate the exercises that are suitable to you.

A yoga instructor will not push you beyond your comfort zone. Here is a rundown of a typical yoga session:

Breathing exercises: One of the many benefits of yoga is that you can learn to manage shortness of breath. During pregnancy yoga, you are taught to breathe deeply through your nose in and out. This exercise helps in managing the shortness of breath as well as regulate the patterns. Such breathing exercises will be really useful when you encounter contractions.

Stretching: Next you’ll be guided through a careful warm up. You will be led through some stretching exercises that will help prepare your body for the birth period. It will also help you develop an understanding of your own
body. This will help you to explore what is the best that works for you

Asanas (Poses): At this stage, you will be encouraged to practice various poses. These poses might be practiced sitting down, standing or lying down.

Yoga poses aim at developing your strength, endurance, flexibility, and
balance. In pregnancy yoga, the support such as towels, belts or chairs are encouraged. This is to avoid any undue pressure or discomfort.

Relaxation: Once you’re done practicing poses you are guided into relaxation. You are encouraged to take your time to rest the muscles.

And while your body is relaxing you are instructed to observe the changes in your body. This practice will help you to build the focus, which is needed while giving the birth

Meditation: Finally, meditation with allow you to relax, where you shall be guided to listen to your heartbeat and observe your breathing.

Meditation allows you to sort your thoughts and understand what is important for you. Usually, the instructor will lead you through a self-affirming chant that encourages positivity and mental resilience. This is because giving birth does not require only physical strength but an emotional labor to endure

When Can You Start Taking Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

It has been recommended by the experts that you should wait until the second trimester to start yoga. This is because the first trimester is usually dicey of miscarriages. Additionally, a word of caution for those of
you that have never tried yoga before your pregnancy! Yoga can be an intense experience that can you exhausted especially if you’re pregnant. If this is your first time with yoga, then wait for at least twenty weeks in order to be on the safe side.

Is Yoga Dangerous For Pregnant Women?

Whatever said and done, there is nothing dangerous about yoga for pregnant women. However, there are certain types of yoga that are definitely not recommended for a pregnant woman.

As mentioned earlier, be sure to inform the instructor of your pregnancy. Pregnant women should not engage in hot yoga because it involves raising the heat of the room to a very high temperature. This is usually done to encourage the purge of harmful substances from your blood. But such extreme temperatures can prove to be fatal for pregnant women, especially with high blood pressure.

Even if you aren’t new to yoga here are some poses you should avoid during pregnancy:

  • Backbends as this can cause disruption in breathing for the baby
  • Balance poses unless you have a chair as a support in front of you
  • Do not attempt the camel pose
  • Avoid poses that require you to lie on your stomach
  • Head stands as these can disturb the movement of your baby
  • Breathing exercises that require holding your breath or forceful breaths. this causes disruption of oxygen can harmful to you and the baby.

Taking It Safe:
The purpose of this article is to discuss all of the ways in which pregnancy yoga is beneficial for you. That being said we need to include some guidelines that will ensure your safety and health.

Here are some things to keep in mind during pregnancy:

  • Remember to have a detailed discussion with your doctor about your exercise options, to avoid any health issues. Pregnancy yoga is not recommended for women with heart problems or back issues.
  • Keep in mind that pregnant women only require a certain amount of activity. You don’t need to push yourself to do more than what is required. And it is completely acceptable to spread out your routine into shorter workouts throughout the day or even week.
  • A big part of yoga includes promoting a great sense of self-awareness. You need to be very conscious of the changes in your body. If you can’t breathe properly then you need to stop and rest. If you feel tired then you need to take your time before you start again. Furthermore, if you’re thirsty then you need to stop in order to hydrate yourself. Don’t be afraid to grab a snack if you feel hungry all of a sudden. Be conscious of the needs of your body.
  • You don’t need to pace yourself and take it slowly. Do not practice any positions that cause you discomfort or put a strain on your muscles. If at any point you notice any bleeding or pain you need to stop immediately and contact health care professionals.


The regular practice of pregnancy yoga can lead to improved strength, durability, and emotional stability. We hope we have managed to cover at least most of your queries. If you’re still curious about choosing the right kind of class then you can always reach out to health care professionals. But keep in mind that you have an important role in making these decisions. You are the only one that can accurately decide whether something is comfortable for you or if it needs to be adjusted.

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