The Real Meaning of Yoga (Part 3)

These days when people talk about Yoga, isn’t it ironical that most the things that we discuss has got an influence from the west?

No? Let me share my observation. And this happens with me everytime when somebody learns that I am a Yoga practitioner. I am instantly asked which form of Yoga do I practice or if I can tell them an exercise to reduce weight. And there goes something in my head which says how ignorant are we, of this ancient form which was given to us to lead a happier life. Nevertheless, let me not discuss this here because with the modulated versions of Yoga, we have made it too complicated ourselves to understand it

And therefore the only answer I could think that time is- Explaining!. Explaining that my training involves practicing asanas while focusing on breathing and holding it for a good time, where I observe the vibrations within my own body, which anciently has been defined as Hatha Yoga but on the contrary I hear people expecting that I would name it something else. Some or the other dynamic form which can help them in their weight loss program

Because, with all the glamour and showoffs surrounding Yoga these days, we have got conditioned to understand it this way. This also includes me once. Beer Yoga, hot yoga has been ruling the world but in reality, these are nothing but modulated versions of Yoga, designed to mint money. And yes, I know what I am saying here !

Yoga, if understood and practised in its truest form, teaches you to see the things as it is. To remain present within a moment and live it fully. To breathe through it and understand that this moment will not last long. It is not a form but a holistic lifestyle to lead a happier life. But sadly, in the whole mix up of ‘refining’ Yoga, its true meaning is getting lost. So let us try to understand what “yoga” really meant anciently

Understanding the meaning of Yoga

Yoga is also a modern terminology invented to suit the western parameters and infact it is called the ‘Yog’– as pronounced in our language. The word “yog” comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means connection or union. Now this connection can be identified in many ways

Understanding this Connection

The connection of human spirit (soul) with the divine. The union of body, mind and soul with its origin. It can be the stillness of the mind and the subsequent connection with the soul. The connection of conscious and subconscious mind. It can be said that Yog is union of body, mind and spirit that helps one bring one’s mind to peace and happiness. Yog establishes this connection of one’s soul with the divine which leads one’s soul to higher dimensions, which ultimately prepare and lead the body to Samadhi- the Moksha as we call it. Too complicated? Yes it is and that’s why it is not easy to practice Yoga completely unless you have a disciplined life

Irony is Asanas & Pranayama is just one part of Yog

There are several other forms of yog, and majority of them have nothing to do with the exercise or meditation. Asanas and Pranayama are merely a mode of physical and mental exercise to prepare human body and mind for higher realms, for which we need to understand two things: What is our purpose as a human on this planet and what are the complete parameters of leading a Yogic life

The practice of yog has little to do with asanas and pranayama. I repeat. The various poses and breathing techniques which we perform under Asanas and Pranayama, were designed as a means to cleanse our system and prepare it for concentration. In yogic term, it is called Dhyana. We have been designed to attain much more for which we aren’t even aware fully. Therefore in the next blog, let us understand our purpose and what are those eight parameters which makes us qualify to lead a Yogic life

 Let us get away from the popularized western concepts of Yoga, developed during the 20th century and let us understand it’s real meaning which were a part of our very own tradition

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