Dressing for Pubs? Here are 4 simple looks you can try

This is the second blog on my Experimental Fashion series, where I am trying to create simple and elegant looks which can be tried on different occasions this summers. The blog is in collaboration with Femme Luxe. Incase, you missed reading the first blog on this series, don’t forget to hit the link.

In this blog, I am creating 4 casual looks which are suitable for a pub or a night out. Now, one of the things which I really like about Femme Luxe dresses is that there isn’t much that needs to be added into them, to make it a good fit for any particular occassion. A minimal addition into these dresses, can do a decent job for you, even with a loungewear sets. Even, if you will wore them as it is, they are designed perfectly to give that look. So, here are my 4 simple, casual and elegant looks that you can try for a casual outing

Look 1: Black Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress

Just in case you are not in mood to go really fancy and rather want to keep it simple, try this black square neck strappy midi dress, which with its sleek design hugs you just in the right areas giving you a perfect look for a pub visit. Kill it with strappy sandal. Light make up and a watch is just enough to make it a perfect look for you

Black Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress. Get it here

Look 2: Pink Cuff Detail Split Side Midi Dress

Now, here is the trick to use this dress. I picked it up for its colour but wearing it with a split side can be tricky if you aren’t really comfortable. I experimented and wore this dress with my black cycling shorts. Fortunately, it gave me the look I was looking for. This piece is perfect for a girly night out or with your friends. Pair with heeled sandals and you are good to go

Pink Cuff Detail Split Side Midi Dress. Get it here

Look 3: Black PU High Split Midi Skirt

I was looking for a skirt something like this, which can give me a front cut rather than the usual side one. The black PU leather look material and high split will make you look fierce. Team this up with a designer crop and heels.

Black PU High Split Midi Skirt. Get it here

Look 4: Black High Shine Vinyl PU Trousers

These black High Shine Vinyl PU Trousers, will alone do the job for you even if you pair it with a simple shirt. Wear it with a heels, mild make up and watch in hand. Its done for you !

Black High Shine Vinyl PU Trousers. Get it here

In the next blog, I shall be sharing four looks which you can try on your on next travel, incase you want to make it a bit fashionable.

Did you like these looks I created ? Share in the comment section below !

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2 thoughts on “Dressing for Pubs? Here are 4 simple looks you can try

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  2. I am so happy I did not miss this wonderful post tonight…I did not read all yet…saving it on my wall to return to it whenever I need to…and, of course, that will be tomorrow first thing. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

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