Creating Cool Summer Looks with Femme Luxe

And Buoyant Feet is undergoing a Transformation 😉

Well, jokes apart but there is something I want to share with you. If you remember, at the starting of the year I announced that I shall be trying different things this year, which I wanted to do but couldn’t. And since the time is NOW, starting with this blog- I am introducing a new section in my blog, where I shall be creating and talking about my love for FASHION.

Dressing and trying different stuff has been a part of me and I thought that if I had it in me, why I don’t share it with you. This has also came in as a recommendation, so i thought why not 🙂

Now, the range of creating these looks can range from anything- Travel inspired. Party looks. Casual looks. Basically, I will try and help you to create looks for different occasions and something which is well within a budget.

So, presenting you the first series of this section, where I am creating 4 looks that can be easily adorned this summer. This is in collaboration with Femme Luxe which is a UK based women’s clothing store. You can check their collection here

Few things that I really liked about them:

  • They have got some really cool stuff- A mix of elegance & comfort
  • I liked their material quality
  • I got their shipment within 6 days, so fast delivery

So, let’s get started!

Look 1: Party Ready with Black Slinky Off the Shoulder Belted Jumpsuit

I just loved this Jumpsuit from Femme Luxe, not only for its super soft and comfortable material but it is simple and yet classy that I wore it for a party and didn’t need anything to add here. I paired it with a studded stellos and kept the minimal make up on face. I used a tone of red shade to give my face the desired look along with highlighter for the glow. Good thing is that this jumpsuit can be worn casually as well

If you want, you can style it with a little accessory in hands but I like to keep it this way. You can check this jumpsuit here

Look 2: Party Ready with Black One Shoulder Leather Look Dress

Another dress where I didn’t had to do any additions, as the look of the dress is itself good enough to give you that party perfect look. Best thing is that the dress gives an impression of a leather dress from far though it is not much elastic, so make sure that you order the right size. I paired this with a studded stellos and mild make up to give myself that desired party look. Check the picture

Again something can be worn in hands but I like it this way. Find their mini dresses collection here

Look 3: Exercising with this Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set

It is known that I am into Yoga and following a daily exercising routine is a part of me. I made it a bit fashionable while I set out to exercise with this Khaki crop jumper loungewear set which comes with a cropped hoodie & long legged pants. I loved the material of this one though

You can check the collection here

Look 4: Styling it with Dusky Pink White Stripe Lounge Wear

This is one of my favourite from the collection because I could wear it casually on streets after my exercising routine. This loungewear is versatile which can be worn around. The pair comes with pants which are super comfortable with elastic waist and a cropped hoodie.

You can check this here

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