Your Body is your TEMPLE. Respect it !

On the eve of March 6th, my maternal uncle was shifted to ICU in a hurry. Standing outside his room, I had no clue what was happening. The elders preferred to hide it from the younger lot. All I knew that time was that my uncle was not keeping well and we got him hospitalised for a series of tests that doctor suggested, upon seeing the first medical report. But what we had in store, none of us expected it ! No body was prepared to face it. It left us shocked ! It has been mentally draining for all of us ever since but we prefer to smile in front of him, instead

His one liners is why we loved our family gatherings but today I see him in pain, almost lying down like he has given up on this journey. He doesn’t talk, like it used to be. He don’t crack jokes, the same way it used to be. And my heart aches seeing him in this condition. I pray he recovers soon

My mother’s side family. It is difficult to get us in one frame & completely still. Impossible 😉

My maternal uncle is diagnosed with CKD ( Chronic Kidney Disease) stage 5, which basically means that both of his kidneys are not functioning, leaving him with two options only. Either get the dialysis done twice a week or get a transplant. None of us are in a state of mind to express our feelings but you know these are the situations, which really grooms you as a human being. When you learn and realise few things that life kicks you to understand. To value what you have NOW ! Everything is temporary in this world. I agree but it imperative that we show gratitude towards the things that we are blessed with, to avoid any regret later

We repeatedly told him that he needs to get his check ups done, asap. “Don’t ignore it Mamu”- I told him. My sister told. His son told. His wife urged. His daughter urged. His sisters and brothers urged. Repeatedly. But he chose to ignore. We knew something is terribly wrong with him but still none of us was prepared to hear this. FAILED KIDNEYS. I mean what !

You know somewhere no one really wish to see their loved ones in such a condition. I have experienced it closely and I can say that it is seriously not a good feeling to see them suffer. We all have to die one day but you don’t really wish it this way.

And he is not the only one in my family, who ignored his health. All of them are same. Each one in my family. They least bother and rather prefer taking everything for granted.

I have lost a really close family member to this negligence. Timely tests, could have saved her but she chose to ignore her health, like I said. She passed away but a hole of felt in her’s family heart- that if she could have listened to us and got herself checked timely. You know you feel all this when you don’t see the person physcially anymore but you can’t even rewind these situations and bring a person back. But, you can take them as your life lessons and learn to act upon it timely.

But my mama (maternal uncle) case reminds me of something that I have been really vocal about in my family. Off Self care and Self Love. I have been mocked many a times. Termed selfish but I have not given up. I still discuss it. I still brain wash anyone I get hold off because I know it is important. Especially, the women in my family who choose to ignore everything and not pay attention to their body at all

Self- Care. An Alien concept for Indian Families

And i wholeheartedly agree to it. We are never taught to put ourselves first. We are never taught to manage our day schedule in a way, where we can spare sometime off for ourselves. And this holds true for both Men & Women. We are not just conditioned this way. You are made to feel guilty, if you do so but realise that caring for yourself and your body is not a crime. Infact, it should be your top most priority. You must give yourself enough time and care- the same way, you do for the others. Your BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE which should be preached every hour during the day because it is your body which runs you and gives you strength to do anything you want.

An unhealthy body means an unhealthy you

And yet, we chose to ignore our body and keep dragging it. Can you laugh or do anything effortlessly, when your body is in pain?

If the answer is NO, then why do we take it for granted? Our body is something we should value the most but ironically we prefer ignoring it the most.

I remember when I started doing Yoga, I was suffering from severe lower back problem and had symptoms of cervical. If I wouldn’t have acted upon it timely, I would have landed myself on bed for months. Is this is the life you would appreciate? Never. Right?

And yet, I was mocked because I spoke of maintaining fitness. The fact is simple that we won’t do it ourselves and we wouldn’t encourage others to do it as well. During one of my body detox session, I was given a really wise advice from my Naturalpathy doctor, which was like an alarm for my brain. She told me that if anything happens to you, we can give you treatment from the outside. You family can nurse you from the outside but it will be you, who would bear the real pain. Because what goes inside your body, none of us will have an idea

Since that day, I preach my body everyday. I bless it everyday. I bless my food before eating it and I urge you to do the same. Bless yourself. Take care of yourself. Your body signals you when it is suffering. Read it and act upon it. Don’t ignore. Because you ain’t alone who suffers in all this. With you, your family suffers too and it is wise that we should get alert and start valuing our body

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5 thoughts on “Your Body is your TEMPLE. Respect it !

  1. Truly well expressed, but kindly permit me to take your attention towards the essential.Are you your body,or are you the mind.Are you your name or the figure in the frame.You’re absolutely right this physical shell is a temple, but only as long as you pray in sanctity, awareness, and realise your flowing #Breath within and without.This is one’s natural identity a breath in motion that yearns to be felt and recognised.That which you should hold close to the heart is.. only the breath.This is ‘You’ a presence in the temple, that quits the very moment you stop praying.Call this ignorance,or the ego at play the labels don’t matter… Let’s start #Breathing for once

    • What a timing of this comment when i was focusing on my breathe 😉 I completely get your point and therefore there are series of blogs that will write to make people understand the importance of breathe and body care 🙂

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