Thank You 2018. You were Fab

Keep Dreaming. Keep making it Real

I am writing this blog at this time, while I should have actually posted this at the starting week of 2019. But it couldn’t happen and I will not make any excuse here. I do not write blogs very regularly (though this year target is to work upon this) but also because I was working on few assignments on tight deadlines. As they say, 2019 started on a roll and I am loving every bit of it. But that doesn’t mean that I am ignoring what 2018 gave me. Infact, I am writing this blog to share and analyse how the year went by and what is in store for 2019. New year means newer goals and hence you will see me trying out new stuff

Lesser Travel: I chose quality travel over quantity in 2018, which meant that I went places but at my own pace & time. After a super hectic travel schedule in 2017, I decided to slow down in 2018. There were reasons attached, to take this decision. I thought after spending a lot many days out of my home in 2017, I started taking travel for granted. I started enjoying it less due to constant juggling and it was imperative that I should slow down. Also, that I wanted to stabilize my income, which I couldn’t do in the last five years, after quitting my career. And since there are things I still wanted to do, it was important that I should focus upon it

 Less traveling gave me time to analyse things as I realised that earning money in what I do is easy than what the people think, otherwise. The good thing which I did after quitting my job was I explored a lot of areas in  writing to see where I can sustain, which gave me a clear direction  of what I wanted to do by the end of 2017. 2018 was only about working on it

Touched Corporate Figures for the 1st time in 5 years : And since I had a clear direction from where I could earn, I touched corporate figure for the first time in the last 5 years, making money so easily that I was left wondering for a moment, why I couldn’t do it till now? Honestly, the feeling to earn after your hard work- it never felt so satisfying. Hard work gets you the best results, so never stop trying

My Spiritual Journey of Kailash Yatra: That one big trip for which I shall always remain grateful to scoutmytrip, for considering me worthy enough to be here. That’s just not a highlight of 2018 only but that’s an experience I shall cherish for my life. You know I wasn’t suppose to be here at the 1st place. I wasn’t selected for this one but I am still wondering that how tables turned and I got an opportunity to be on one. All his grace

My Journey of an Entreprenuer: One of my goals after quitting my corporate career was to help people lead a positive and a happy life. The way I made changes in my life, I wanted to tell people that you can do that too and that’s where the idea of starting up magnetic power of mind came. In all likelihood i will be going on floor by April 2019. I will share more details on it, once we are ready to roll.

Focused and Balanced approach: Honestly it no fun running around. Running after each and every thing. Be focused on one thing, walk that path and see how things change. 2018 was the year where I worked upon myself to adopt a more positive outlook towards life. I am improving each day and a more balanced and focused approach is helping me to progress even more.  

So the question is what I am planning in 2019

The year has started on a roll. I could see that there are a lot  of opportunities coming my way already and I am excited to see what is in store for me. I also shared that I will be kicking off with my entrepreneur journey soon. But that’s not all from me. There are things I really wanted to do as a kid but I could not do it. This year is about living those dreams. So there is definately more coming from me apart from Travel, Yoga and Meditation. You will see me in a different light. I am really excited and looking forward to this new phase and I want you guys to wish me luck

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