Plan for a Relaxed and Happy Life

These days I face moments of realisation – what if I don’t want to do what I am doing right now, going forward? What if I wish to not work anymore? What if I decide to quit everything one day and lead a relaxed life? These are the thoughts that have been circulating in my mind for some time now and I do not deny that I would want to retire one day and maybe go on a soul-searching journey.

And this makes me question my idea of retirement? Is it the usual thing where people live a routine life and on pension? Certainly not! Because I have always believed that we have one life and we should live it every day, with a difference! I have always envisioned a life of retirement as a journey with lots of travelling. I wish that I can spend the rest of my life at peace and every new morning is filled with happiness and joy. I want to continue with my active long travels. Now, while I dream of these things, I know that only hard work and planning can make this happen.

A retirement like the one I dream of needs funds which can come from savings and investments. I am not the type of person who thinks about money all the time and one thing is certain- I do not want to be worrying about where the next amount of money would be coming from.  Though I slowed down on my travel now, I still have a wish list, of places that I would want to travel at least once in my lifetime. And,  to achieve all this, a regular income is a must. It is important that I have ample savings and cash flow in hand to keep up with the life I desire to live henceforth.

To ensure that I have ample savings and cash for myself and my family after my retirement, I made an investment in the ICICI Prudential Life’s Smart Life plan. I found investing in this policy worthwhile since ICICI Prudential Life’s Smart Life ensures that I get multiple benefits from just one product offering, that is, from life cover to growth of wealth and tax benefits. This ULIP plan has been designed to take care of all my needs, so that my family and I can continue to live the life we desire, even after I stop working. The investments will take care of my future goals and the life cover will insure that my family is taken care of even if I am not around. What’s most special about this plan is that in my absence, the company continues to pay the future premiums on my behalf, which means that my investments for my family are not affected in any situation. In addition to this, like any good investment plan, it also helps to reduce my taxable income up to Rs. 1.5 lakh under section 80C. What’s more, even the money that I get at the time of maturity is tax free.

All in all, even if I retire tomorrow, I would want to ensure that I retire feeling secured and with this right investment, the dream seems really possible.

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