Why I chose to do Kailash Mansarovar Yatra NOW?

~There is NEVER TOMORROW. The Time is NOW~

~Has it ever happened with you that you read about a place and you suddenly start hearing stories about it from everywhere, some of it eye opening too. You will also start noticing random people posting pictures online, which will force you to make a secret wish that you can get to visit it someday. But with time you forget about it but one day find a proposal coming your way to be at that destination, you once wished. Excitedly you start preparing but your name couldn’t get shortlisted at the last moment. You decide to let it go, only to get a call in a few days to pack your bags~

How would you feel? Elated? Well that is exactly my story of Kailash Mansarovar!


The Golden Kailash. This can be clicked from Deraphuk which is the North Face of Mighty Kailash. I didn’t get to see this though as it was cloud laden mostly. Pic Credit- Mr. Sumit Pratap Gupta, Owner, Madhuban Foods who are catering the Indian Food on Kailash Mansarovar from this Year

I read about the mighty Kailash in 2012 and that is from where my dream started. What intrigued me about Kailash was not its relevance as a pilgrimage but some of the stories I heard from people, who have been to Kailash. One even claimed that he got cured of a lifelong disease just by being on this Yatra, which his doctors pronounced incurable.  Another claimed to have recovered a huge loss. All this lead me to think- what is exactly there at Kailash that people come back with these huge experiences, which made me wish for a visit, if I deserve.


The 1st view of Mighty Kailash from Mansarovar Lake. This is the South Face of Kailash. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

And before I knew, I got an opportunity to be on one. The only thing was- I couldn’t get time to celebrate as I needed to submit last minute assignments before embarking on this once in a lifetime journey.

But the journey of Kailash really didn’t start on a good note. I fell under the weather and my tonsils swelled, followed by Fever. There was a time I seriously thought to myself that if I will be able to carry on like this for Kailash. But one thing which really triggered and de-motivated me was the reactions I got from my friends with whom I shared the news. Barring one or two who were supportive, others asked me Why Kailash? Or why Atleast NOW?


The mesmerising beauty of Kailash, while we are trekking towards our 1st stop of Parikrama- Deraphuk. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

Since Kailash Mansarovar Yatra carries the tag of being the pilgrimage for older people, I was suggested that at this age I should be doing better things and rather should be exploring the more rare part of the world. So while I didn’t have much to say that time but now, when I am back experiencing it all by myself, here are my reasons- Why I chose to be at Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and feels that you should also do it NOW:

Because it was MY DREAM: Sometimes, what you think subconsciously comes true and so was my unrealistic dream of visiting Kailash in this Lifetime. If you ask me it still feels a dream. I am still to believe that that I spent an entire 20 days on a trail, which I would only term as unrealistic, because I never envisioned myself to be on one and that too so soon in my life. Kailash Mansarovar was introduced to me in 2012 and then a close friend shared that it is her dream of 20 years, that she could visit Kailash atleast once. The next thing I knew is that this journey completely transformed her as a person.


Gauri Kund where Lord Ganesha is believed to be born. Falls on the 2nd day of Parikrama after Dolma Pass. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

Isn’t it amazing to know how Universe manifests your dream into reality and makes every possible way for you to be on one? The feeling of Gratitude is over powering here. I was not supposed to be on Kailash at first but it is amazing how things turned the last minute when I was informed that I need to get ready to be on one, in a short span of 12 days. And though I was happy and silently rejoiced, I was also a little nervous at the thought that how Kailash would treat me- Where nothing but only GRACE works

It is a journey of FINDING YOUR STRENGTH: Sometimes it is baffling to know how quick we are to label or tag a place, without realising its worth. Believe me when I say that we- the human beings- do not realise our potential. We do not realise how powerful our mind is, that it can actually get us whatever we desired in our lives, ever.


The silent beauty of Mansarovar Lake. This is where we acclimitised for 3 days before embarking on a lifetime journey to Kailash

The inner connection is the most powerful to drive your life. I got a glimpse of it during my Advance certification in Yoga and I experienced a sight of it briefly again here too. There was a moment when I wasn’t able to move. Due to rains and low temperature, the oxygen level dip and since we all were rushing to reach our stop, I had bouts of breathlessness.


That’s 9 PM if you want to believe 🙂

Only to realise that I cannot continue with physical strength and that’s where I stopped, closed my eyes, spoke to myself and told myself that I can do this. The last thing I remember is- that in the last hour of the trek, I was literally running on a trail when others were struggling to even walk and all by telling myself every minute that I can do this.

Testing BODY ENDURANCE: Before leaving for Kailash Yatra, I confined to a friend that for the first time, I am feeling nervous and is not really confident that if I can make it.  For the simple fact that Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is not easy and is known to take lives. We are living on an attitude above 5500 m for several days.


All drained out, sitting in the middle of nowhere on Day 2 of Parikrama

To be honest, last year when I got back to Yoga and worked on my fitness, I was really happy with results. To put it to test, I even took a trek to Poonhill in Nepal, where I climbed close to 7000 stairs and still was doing good. My friends were also confident that with a week’s training I can pull it off. But this trail is different.It will really put you to test.


I found the landscape quite striking to Ladakh but more barren and rough. This is on my way to Saga and I don’t know if you can notice but slight blue towards the mountains is an unnamed lake

But on a positive note, I realised that you cannot take any landscape for granted. I am the same girl who took a single day 20 hours Phuktal Trek in Zanskar because I had to do and I was short on time. And Iam the same girl telling you today that this terrain is tough and shouldn’t be taken for granted. If not anything else, this trail will make you realise the importance of ONE breath for our body

So, even if you are in your best form! You are fit and healthy, it is no guarantee that you can complete the Parikrama of Kailash. Best of the people in shape hasn’t been able to complete this Parikrama and it has happened that a normal person has completed it. Such are the energies here. I was told that the heavier you are in thoughts from the inside, the more difficult it gets for people to walk on this trail. Faith and Grace is something which will get you here and I was happy to be amongst one- Crying and going silent when I saw Kailash- the First but this is from where I even got the strength to continue

The Impressive & Unspoilt BEAUTY: As I keep updating my Social Media handles with the pictures from Kailash, I received comments where people mentioned that the beauty of this trail is beyond belief.


Rakshas Taal- the cursed lake where King Ravana is believed to have meditated. From here again you can see the South Face of Mount Kailash on clear days. I was told it looks like a 3 D effect. I want to believe it though 🙂

And I have only one thing to say and that is that it is unbelievably beautiful that sometimes it was difficult to decide which way to look and which way to ignore. I remember the 1st day while we started our trek for Derapuk, I was told that the trail I would get to walk through is unimaginable and true to its words, it was. Such is terrain of Kailash. Rough which will leave you to gasp for oxygen every minute but equally beautiful, which will leave you mesmerised every second


You really get confused which way to look and which way to ignore. Stunning beauty. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

The Whole AURA of Kailash: Now this is something which is hard to explain or put across in words because it is more about your personal feelings and experience.  There were thousands of emotions I went through, just when I saw Mount Kailash. I had a red eye when I sat on a stone and went into Zen mode. I kept looking at Kailash and didn’t realise when I started meditating. I looked at it again and felt that it is calling me close.


When I lived through thousands of emotions at once. My moments with Mighty Kailash. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

I turned around and saw people chanting Shiv Shambho. I looked around and saw humanity, where people serve and take care of each other selflessly.


Yet to get over this. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

On the whole, I don’t know what but the magical aura around Kailash, is said to have transformed many lives and all for good. They say that many saints visit Kailash and go on meditating silently, which adds to the positive vibes here. I seriously don’t know what it is but me & my fellow blogger friend was told jokingly that – our old body software is corrupted and that we have got loaded with a new one. Since the time I am back, I have this inward zest in me that I want to change myself. Every day I get up and I decide to be a new me. Less complicated and much happier.


Just hoping to get the call again. I am praying each day. Pic Credit- Abhinav Singh

And as I still continue to pray that Kailash calls me once again- I have just one thing to say that there is never tomorrow. The time is always now and honestly after being on Kailash, I feel that the body endurance is better when you are young, which will lead you to experience the landscape better than later. So try to break your barrier. Change the way you look at things. You never know which opportunity changes you !

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I was on this trip as a part of Blogger’s invite from ScoutMyTrip to experience the Indian Veg Food introduced this year on Kailash with Madhuban Foods

12 thoughts on “Why I chose to do Kailash Mansarovar Yatra NOW?

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  2. I bumped into your blog while searching for some solo travel content because I need to write — and of course– finish one. I must admit that I was here to just copy (shamelessly!) the format, the style or whatever useful I can fing and then replicate them in my blog but while reading few of your blogs I felt captivated by your account on the journeys, and the metaphysical touch that you have given to them. And rest assured although I am hugely inspired from your writing, I won’t copy anything..haha!

    Keep it up girl 🙂

  3. Om Namah Shivaay!
    I have been to so many places and there is no place like Kailash.
    You have written the post so beautifully and I truly agree that Kailash can change your life, your thoughts and everything in you.

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