The Travel Essential We All Need

Everyone loves a good old vacation every now and then. But vacations are meant to break away from the monotony of life, right? We want our vacations to be those few days of unfiltered joy so we ensure that everything is properly arranged when we head out.

Most travellers spend a lot of time and effort planning a perfect vacation for themselves but what they generally tend to overlook is to check that insurance box. When we are investing so much in our vacations, we would not want any unexpected troubles to come up, right? Not meaning to scare you, but honestly, falling sick or misplacing items are something that can happen to anyone, anywhere – even when you are not travelling!

Pic Credit: Shrinidhi Hande

This is why a travel insurance is so handy because while you are travelling, problems like these usually spell extra expenses and those can be taken care of by the company. You may not incur any particular problem while travelling, but just in case you do, just imagine how much more easily you can deal with it! Honestly, I was like most travellers, not bothering about a travel insurance but having travelled long enough, I completely understand its importance and never head out for a vacation without one!

Let me tell you my story!

I never considered buying a travel insurance during my international travels because I always felt like I didn’t need one. There are ample reasons to back my claim but the most important one is that I mostly travel internationally on a sponsored trip, which means every little need is usually taken care of by the brand itself. Another reason is that I have never been out of the country for more than a week with brands and even if I do extend my trips, I have done it for a maximum of three days. It never occurred to me that even though my stay was a relatively short one, I may end up requiring an insurance sometime. “What can happen in such a short duration and especially when everything is taken care off?” my mind would always say.

Pic Credit: Shrinidhi Hande

It happened during my recent visit to Indonesia on an invitation from a brand. Everything had been arranged and taken care for 4 days by the brand, but I felt it was too short a time to explore this pretty place so I decided to extend my vacation. On finding out about my new plan, my friends insisted that I get myself a travel insurance as around that time, an emergency was declared in Bali due to a volcanic eruption. Unfortunately, it was too late to get an insurance but I made up my mind to get one as soon as I landed back in India. I, however, sat down to look for the available insurances in the market to understand how they could help me.

Since I keep visiting the SE Asian countries, I started looking for SE Asia specific insurances. Yes, destination specific insurances are available nowadays and my friends advised on it, telling me about how most of them have region-specific benefits. After some research, I quickly finalized on the Asia Travel Insurance from Reliance General which turned out to be really economical. And it had a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Covering expenses for accidents, sudden illnesses, evacuations,
  • Coverage for passport and baggage losses,
  • Coverage for flight misses in case of delays or unexpected cancellations, and quite a few more.

Luckily, nothing went wrong but, truthfully, I could not wait to get back and purchase the insurance – thanks to what I witnessed during one day in the course of the trip. I had just left my hotel and was exploring around a little when I encountered a woman looking quite lost. On inquiring I found out that all her luggage had been stolen at one of the bus stations which comprised of everything from personal belonging to money to her documents. It’s a scary situation to run into and to top it all, did not have any insurance either.

I almost thanked my stars that nothing like that had happened to me but it almost made my insurance an essential part of every single vacations – even the domestic ones.


Don’t Be Like That Woman! Your Travel Insurance Can Be Really Handy!

Misfortunes or incidents are avoidable but they are not uncommon, especially in a foreign place. Although a travel insurance doesn’t help you to avoid it but they come with a bunch of benefits, the most important of which is covering for most of your unforeseen expenses.

Financial Recovery: Monetary compensation is probably the best reason why you should consider getting yourself a travel insurance. Medical treatments are pretty expensive in foreign locations, especially SE Asian countries. With a travel insurance, we can get reimbursed for our medical expenses across a wide range of scenarios. A Few of them also cover medical evacuation, which means that we do not have to pay for any medical emergency transportation expenses with their own money.

Lost baggage: One of the most common inconveniences during an international trip is having your baggage lost or misrouted. Travel protection can be purchased for this, too. Most policies cover personal belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged while on vacation due to irresponsible carriers or theft.

Trip cancellation: Another benefit insurances provide is the protection against unexpected circumstances where you have to cancel the trip. These policies ensure that they get compensation for losses that result from interruptions like these.


Before You Buy A Travel Insurance, Check These Out!

  • Check if the seller is licensed by the state where he is located. You need to be sure that the seller is financially sound and will be able to pay the claims.
  • Verify the coverage for traveling companions and family members which can depend on various factors.
  • If you are going for an adventurous vacation, please evaluate and cross check if your travel policy covers the activity you are planning to experience.
  • Check how soon you can avail help or any kind of services from the insurance company, in case of a mishap.

It doesn’t matter if you are booking a weekend get-away, an all-inclusive week-long vacation or a month long backpacking trip—whenever you are planning or booking a trip, please do consider keeping yourself safe and secure by getting insured.


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15 thoughts on “The Travel Essential We All Need

  1. I have had plenty of occasion to claim on my travel insurance from broken bones to ACL injuries to lost luggage to bags not turning up to delays and all manner of other incident. Frankly I have no sympathy for people who appear in the press desperately asking people to donate to pay their medical bills overseas because they did not take out insurance. If you can afford to travel you can afford insurance and anyone travelling without is seriously foolish! Sorry to be harsh but no one plans to get hurt or injured on holiday but it happens

  2. I could not agree with you more on the importance of having travel insurance. For one reason, the medical part is required for traveling to most countries. And of course, for covering any problems that can happen. I know I’ve always claimed on every policy I’ve had. Shit happens when you travel, no matter how good you plan.

  3. You are absolutely right about the importance of travel insurance! Just like you I ignored it for many years, thinking that my trips were short so it was unlikely there would ever be a need for it. Then last year, my travel buddy for a trip to Martinique got grounded as a result of a hurricane hitting the island he was on and I was unable to change my travel dates. In the end I did the trip solo but I would have preferred to be able to reschedule for a time that would have allowed him to join me. Now I always purchase travel insurance for each trip!

  4. I’ve always been skeptical about travel insurance, but we got some when I was pregnant with my first. It’s a good thing we did because we ended up canceling some of our travel plans. It’s always better to be covered!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. When I was in Mexico, one of my friends had an accident, and didn’t have insurance, so he had to pay $5000 to go to the hospital! I like your tips too, it’s important to know where your insurance company is located!

  6. These are some fantastic tips. Fortunately nothing has ever happened to me but I know soooo many people that had lost their luggage for example. It’s only going to be time before it happens to me too, so your tips in looking for an insurance provider are invaluable – thank you! 💚

  7. I’ve never really taken travel insurance, unless mandated by the country I was visiting. However, your recommendations and suggestions do make sense, I should probably consider taking one the next time I pack my bags.

  8. When I first traveled, I didn’t get travel insurance because I didn’t think I’d need it. For whatever reason, for a trip to Cancun, I decided to get travel insurance for the first time. One week prior to departure, I got injured and was no longer able to travel. Luckily, I was able to file a claim and have everything covered, so now I get insurance for every trip I take. Everyone should get insurance because you just never know what may happen.

  9. Yikes, that poor woman!! I agree, travel insurance is such a necessity. We didn’t buy it for our first few trips abroad, but once we started traveling full-time we always had it… and now we can’t imagine going without it!

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