Half a Day in Delhi? Here’s what you Should Do!

Doing very little or absolutely nothing in Delhi seems tough – until you actually get down to doing it. But when people ask me what they should do when they are short on time, I suggest few ways here to spend half a day of leisure in Delhi.

Visited Delhi and not seen the architectural sights or gorged on street food? Difficult right?


With your busy schedule and quick dash to the national capital, you may probably be the only one guilty of this oversight. But you might find yourself with an unexpected free time when you might wonder what to do – where should I go out ? Should I catch up on sleep or schedule a quick meeting with the associates?

Here is what I will advice: leave work aside for a while and –

Explore sights within a Radius of 5 km:  I agree that some of the main attractions of Delhi are located far away from each other. So I won’t say that there is a lot that you can see within half a day.


But the good news is that Delhi does have some or the other thing to see at each corner. So, ask the hotel concierge to recommend important sights within a 5 km radius. Being close to the hotel will also help you to pick up your bags quickly. Or if not anything, you can certainly invest a couple of hours checking out Delhi’s famous street markets.

Enjoy a Leisurely Meal or Get a Spa Done: Keeping Delhi traffic in mind, I would strongly suggest to book your hotel near Delhi airport, incase you are short on time. You won’t feel rushed and you can take a while over packing your stuff. Incase, you don’t want to sweat your out in Delhi, head to any of the hotel’s fine dining restaurants and enjoy your scrumptious food.  Delhi is blessed with variety of cuisines.


Another way is indulging in pampering yourself by booking yourself for a therapeutic  spa. Get a much-needed head massage, or have the glow restored to your face with a facial. Or just lie back and let the therapist work their magic on the tight muscles of your back and neck.


 A busy person like you needs to feel refreshed. Enjoy the hospitality to the best and once you’re done, take the hotel’s car to the airport and catch your flight.

Catch up with your Friends: You might have been so busy lately that catching up with your known ones might have been difficult on your earlier trips. So this can be an easy chance to meet them. If you’re booked into a suite in a business hotel, the best thing to do is catch up with your friends in your room. You can all be seated comfortably in the living area, and you will be undisturbed. Besides, you can call for refreshments and not have to leave your room at all.

Any other thing which clicks your mind. Don’t forget to share it in the comment section below 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Half a Day in Delhi? Here’s what you Should Do!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you less on your adelhi views. There’s a lot to see and do in India as a whole itself that I find it amamzinvand puzzling. I dig in the idea of a relaxing spa, that’s always an option in a diverse city such as Delhi. A visit to Delhi without a taste of its cuisine is not a visit. Nice and interesting guide.

  2. Delhi can be intimidating at times and you are right that it should be covered in small pockets. It’s great that you mentioned street markets which are often overlooked and of course, there is so much history and heritage in the city that you can find it around every corner.

  3. I hate only having a half a day anywhere I haven’t been. There’s so much to see! Eating a delicious meal would have to be a must for me. Plus maybe a short walk to snap a few photos, although I find the spa idea very enticing. But a half a day in Delhi would not do it justice.

  4. Haha so funny I have a kind of similar post but described totally different activities, so these are handy tips. I agree with Heidi, it is not ideal. But sometimes we have no choice, right? And is a couple hours all we have unfortunately so why not make the most of it. The traffic in Delhi is an attraction in itself already! LOL

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