An Inspirational Story of Arjun Solanki who Once a Daily Wage Labourer, Now Owns His Business

~~Someone aptly said that if there is a will. There is a way~~

You can accomplish anything in your life, if you show the sheer zest to go for it and get it. And this is exactly what a young Arjun Solanki did.  This is his inspirational story who simply trusted the path shown to him by his friend, as a sign of progress and walked on it without any doubts. What followed next was a life transformative experience which changed him and his life forever. For Good!



Arjun and his family lived in one of the peripheral village close to Indore, where his parents was working as daily wage labourers. The family was still surviving but an untimely tragedy changed the life of all of them.  His alcoholic father died of Tuberculosis. And Arjun was all 14 years old that time

Coming to the terms of this loss, his mother worked day and night to ensure the smooth upbringing of his kids but her income was not enough to sustain the family. Left with a meagre income, Arjun and his elder brother dropped schooling and worked hard to supplement their household income. But, nothing was working for them to lessen their everyday struggle

Till the time when Arjun’s friend shared how he enrolled for a free course at ICICI academy, which changed his life for the better. Without any doubts, Arjun enrolled for Paint Applications Technique course where he learnt everything about the paints. This included information on various types of paints, applications and how to deal with common paint problems. Not only this. This skill development program also made him learn the basics of managing finances and communication. The fact that it was a free course but a comprehensive one.


The academy also placed him with a contractor, who loved his work so much that he was promoted to a sub-contractor! Today, Arjun is an independent contractor and has employed other students from the Academy to work for him! He managed to build a home and encouraged his brother to enroll for the Electrical Appliances Repair course in the same Academy.


Inspiring Enough! Right?

His life story is an apt example that if you dare to dream, then you can achieve it !

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10 thoughts on “An Inspirational Story of Arjun Solanki who Once a Daily Wage Labourer, Now Owns His Business

  1. Wonderful. One of the best stories I have read today. Stories like these are so inspiring. I am glad that ICICI has taken steps to instill skill in people. This will create more jobs and prosperity. Just what the large young population of India needs right now. Skill India.

  2. So inspiring to read. At times,all we need is that opportunity and we’d be fine. Good to read that Arjun now takes care of the home and everything is going on smoothly. So kind of him to pay back by employing students from the accdemy to work for him. I’m glad I read this. It’s a dose everyone needs.

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring story! It always amazing to read that it really can work out well for some people! Arjun achieved a lot by his hard work and today he’s a successful man! Well done!

  4. Truly an inspirational story and nice of the academy to work support everyone and help them stand on their own feet. Kudos to Arjun for his determination and will to succeed and to keep on going despite all the difficulties he face.

  5. I LOVE human interest stories like this. What a wonderful journey he’s been on, it’s so great to see hardworking people like this succeed. And encouraging his brother to go and do the same thing is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this, it was really beautiful.

  6. Very inspiring story! There’s no reason for everyone to give up and stop trying. The prize is always there waiting at the end. Thanks for sharing his story. Bless you!

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