Into the wild with Aamod Resort, Shoghi

The pleasure of walking amidst pathless pine trees, the happiness of sensing the fresh breeze of air, embracing the melodic twittering and a distant whistle of toy train I reached Aamod at Shoghi and the first thing which attracted me towards this resort was the set up.


The sole look at Aamod impressed me in a way it was constructed. Amidst the pristine dense forest cover, Aamod was built with an idea of keeping luxury close to nature’s lap, supporting Eco-tourism in full flow. The cottages are all pre-fabricated structures to retain the original character and ruggedness of the forest.


The rustic look of the cottages has been perfectly synchronised with modernity where the rooms are well- equipped with all modern amenities including a room heater which comes as a breather during winters.

But staying at Aamod is strictly not advisable for people with physical disability or any sort of knee problem as reaching cottages is a tedious task and involves trekking

Neither a tree has been cut out nor was any damage done to the surrounding environment to accommodate this property.


Jacuzzi with a view

In fact the owners of Aamod worked responsibly in developing the surrounding areas for the betterment of the locals and even hired the staff locally to create better work opportunities.


Evening View- outside the Room

I was obviously looking forward to my stay. After all how often do you get to stay so close to nature and at properties that act responsible towards the environment or people so to say?

The best part about Aamod at Shoghi is that they offer plenty of options to let you enjoy your time in leisure. You seriously don’t feel like getting out exploring anything else. My day here started with a mini trek on the outskirts of the resort where in we planned to spot the sun rising up from behind the hills.


Though we couldn’t really make it on time but a breath of fresh air and spotting the Kalka train from a distance filled me up with immense joy.


The staff organised our morning tea at a far away point from where we could see the whole quaint town of Shoghi


Blissful to have your morning tea here

Next came the Adventure zone which has been created inside the resort only. I laid my hands on zip-lining, Footbridge and a tyre like swing which is much like what we spot in villages. All the activities are conducted under expert guidance and safety gears



We also did a bit of Mountain biking to reach the nearby village where our lunch was planned.


Interestingly, it was the home of one of the staff member of Aamod where the resort supports the family in organising lunches periodically for guests. Honestly, it was the best taste one can ask for after cycling, cooked and served with much love


Cycling was the best part of my entire stay here because I believe that the best way to discover the true essence of a place is either you walk or you peddle around. While my fellow bloggers were racing around, I decided to slow down and embrace the cleaner tone of sky. Why hurry it up when you have time to take it easy? You never know what will catch your eye.


This is another reason why I opted to take a longer trek the next morning while everyone else was asleep. If you ask me personally it was the most insightful walk I ever had where the guide shared the story of Britishers laying the foundation of the world famous toy train, while walking through it, and how at once it was disrupted from further extension.


I felt like walking the trails of history with him. I also learnt about few herbs, the most interesting was the elephant shaped leave which is used locally to cure animals. The best part was when the sky surprised us with this view 🙂


Caption this 🙂

Tempting you to leave behind your usual life and experience the genuine touch of nature is what Aamod At Shoghi does with ease. It’s a place where you will forget all things and want to simply surrender to all things natural.

Shoghi is 13 kilometers before the Queen of hills, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh

Reaching Aamod at Shoghi

By Flight
There are no regular flights from major cities of the country to Shoghi. Nearest airport is Chandigarh Airport.

By Train
Shoghi is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains to Kalka and then TOY Train to Shoghi.

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