Rokeby Manor: Living the Old World Charm

The exquisite vintage styled era welcomed me as I stepped inside Rokeby Manor which is situated in the twin town of Landour, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. At the first look, I couldn’t ignore to embrace the colonial inkling which Rokeby started to leave on me slowly.

First Look- Rokeby Manor

The wall displays, original stone walls, lanterns, wooden floors, even the furnishings at the resort has been tastefully restored to its original glory keeping the touch of bygone era alive.

Rokeby did it all in style and I knew that my stay here would be interesting. And it was!

The Journey !

It was the shortest flight of my life. I boarded an Indigo6E flight from Delhi airport to reach Dehradun where the car from Rokeby Manor was waiting for me to take me to the final destination. Barely 15 mins into the air, the call for landing was made. Surprisingly I was still adjusting my seat belt. Everyone had a nice laugh 😉

When you roll through clouds- Blissful !

I was happy to be back on the roads after a span of 2 months and how? Riding through Thando Village on the outskirts of Dehradun. See the joy of greens 🙂


This is the essence of traveling in the company of locals. They will take you through the less travelled roads & routes few will know. Honestly never noticed this route in umpteen visits to Mussorrie.

Background of Rokeby Manor

For nearly a century, Rokeby quietly witnessed several chapters of history unfold, resting on the top-most point of Mussoorie.


Tugged amidst enthralled views of mountains Rokeby is one of most prominent landmark of Landour today, just few meters ahead from the antique St. Paul Church and Char Dukan. Built in 1840 by Captain G.N. Cauthy, the property continued to operate as a guest house throughout the 20th century when MARS group renovated and restored it to its original glory in 2010. Since then, this British styled hotel has become a popular getaway amongst tourists visiting Mussoorie where colonial air still beckons guests. Apparently any new construction is prohibited in Mussoorie as well as Landour as per the administrative rules.

Rokeby manor
Tea Garden

The name Rokeby has been taken from the writings of Sir Walter Scott, whose poems describe the heroic battles near the original Rokeby Castle in England. Apparently during the Britishers era, it was a practice to give evocative English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish names to the homes (or even to British-founded towns), reflecting its ethnicity. Names drawn from literary works were also common, as from those by Robert Burns, Walter Scott, Thomas Hardy, Robert Louis Stevenson and many others

Rustic Rooms

At the 15 room hotel, I got to stay in one of the rustic room which had idyllic views of the valley and the adjoining garden.Though slightly small in size but this quaint english styled room was fitted with everything to let you enjoy those lazy days on a holiday. I remember during my stay while it was pouring in Landour, I opted to stay within the room thoroughly enjoying the company of my book amidst the breathtaking views from my room. A much needed respite I must say!

A Room with a view !

The wooden flooring, the brick walls, bed, flamboyant fireplace, the room was well equipped with almost everything including a LED TV and 24 X7 hot running water.

Bothwell Bank House Bathroom

What I specifically liked about the rooms, doors and window panels at Rokeby was its perfect fusion of retaining the conventional appearance clubbed with modernity in all its property in Landour.

Daisy room
The wooden ceiling and the bed much in line with the old world

This means clubbing all the basic needs of today with a perfect blend of quintessential colonial style, making it stand out amongst rest. Also that no one room is same as another. Every room has been crafted with different theme and design

Emily & Wilson Chamber

The gourmet restaurant of Rokeby Manor- Emily- serves the most authentic continental and Indian cuisine amidst picture perfect view.

Rokeby manor
See the plates hanging on the wall 🙂

Eating at Emily will bound to take you back in time with furniture, wooden frames, the wall hangings, lanterns almost everything giving a feel of Victorian piece adaptation, set against the backdrop of pine trees creating a perfect ambience for its guests.


I dined under the cloud laden dark sky and believe me if I say that it will be a prolific experience amidst serenity

The essence of Emily is clubbed with a wooden chamber which is a library in Rokeby. It has got vast collection of the books from the most sought after writers and can be a feast to your meal. How about a breakfast amidst them? Sounds exciting right? Well I did it for 2 days 🙂

Wilson's Chamber
Wilson Chambor at Rokeby Manor

Rokeby Manor was listed amongst the top 15 hill-stations hotels in India by TripAdvisor in 2015.

Rokeby manor
Jacuzzi and sunset the best combo for the evening. Apparently whole Dehradun city can be viewed from this point

Last year Rokeby Residences launched an array of 19th century colonial cottages in the heart of Landour. Earlier this year, Rokeby launched a full-service spa called ‘The Little Salon & Spa Shed’ which is tucked in far away corner

Good thing is that the therapies are clubbed with Yoga stretches to give body & mind full relaxation. Recently, Rokeby also launched a café-bar called ‘The Stray Dog’ which comprises of a Swiss style café called Stubli and n Olde English style pub called as ‘Ale House’

Other properties under Rokeby in Landour

The Log Cabin: This luxurious 3-bedroom cottage is built out of pine logs and will give you the luxury of a private garden and a butler at your service.Log cabin is designed to give a home feeling amidst serene mountains.

Log Cabin - low (1)

Equipped with 3 en-suite bedrooms with bay windows, a lounge and dining area, the house has possible everything you need for the perfect holiday

Rokeby Residences

Rokeby residences are a cluster of 19th century colonial cottages each offering stand-alone experiences amidst hills.

Bothwell Bank House which is a three-bedroom mountain home provides a historical charm with original fireplaces and wooden beams, equipped with a kitchen, barbecue and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Bothwell Bank House Deck low (1)

A charming small 2-bedroom apartment house called Bothwell Bank Cottage, an authentic stone clad mountain log cabin with a knotty pine wood decor which has all the comforts of a home.

Bothwell Bank Cottage-low

Another two storied bungalow Pine Tree Lodge is inspired by Scandinavian architecture, with colourful patchwork stools, vintage lamps and traditional Finnish artwork

Don’t forget to check Landour Bakehouse which is recently restored to resemble an authentic 19th century kitchen where baked goods were made.

Low - The Landour Bakehouse

Try the traditional steaming pot of tea amidst adorning the colonial history of this quaint little town and getting lost in the mesmerizing views of the mountains

P.S: I was hosted by Rokey Manor, Landour

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11 thoughts on “Rokeby Manor: Living the Old World Charm

  1. Lovely property and lovely description. I wanted to visit this property this summer, couldn’t get the bookings. You lucky one 🙂

    • I can imagine that Jayanti. Even at the end of June the booking was full. Would suggest advance booking here 🙂

  2. This looks like an amazing quaint place where I would love to go to write my book. The pictures are speaking for themselves. The Wilson Chambor (the library) at Rokeby Manor has to be my favorite spot there.

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