When I got Leh’d

Ladakh, the land of high passes needs no introduction. Ladakh is known to blow over people with its perfect blend of serenity, exquisiteness, the rugged terrain; the majestic mountains coupled with the challenge of roughing it out. No doubt that it has gained popularity over the years and attracts tourists from across the segment.

Shanti Stupa

I made my first visit to this pristine land during the time when it was still getting popular on the tourist chart in 2011, which is strategically placed on an ancient trade route which lies between the Kunlun Mountains in the north and the Himalayas in the south


Ladakh holds a special place in my heart and my countless travel here is a proof of my growing affectation with this enchanting beauty. I have been left mesmerised, surprised and in awe many a times which only drew me closer to this impeccable beauty. I remember the thrill and excitement the naïve in me had when I touched its ground. I jumped with joy while witnessing its majestic glory unfolding in front of my eyes. I just sat to gaze the master-piece, still wondering if it’s true, while still trying to accommodate some breathe back in my body. I felt like seeing God’s own canvas


I would like to share that I had many apprehensions initially while planning my first trip here. Wrong information over the internet coupled with mix reactions from people at once led me to back off from my plans. But I guess my luck favoured me enough that I got in touch with right travel agent who gave me bang on guidance and suggestions. I booked my trip with them and made my dream a reality.


 Today, I am glad that I did it. I accredit my first journey to Ladakh as life transforming in many ways. You want to know why?

Changed Perspective towards life:  I came back with a changed perspective towards life. I became a new, more humbled me. It was an incident in Nubra Valley which became a life lesson for me.

 I remember during my stay at the valley, we decided to roam around and gawp at the night sky. I saw billions of stars filling the darkness with its sparkles and staring back at me. Catching on such prolific view, we forgot about the time. By the time we reached at our respective hotel, the dinner was over. We didn’t have proper food the entire day and we felt hungry. We requested the staff to prepare a meal for us as the markets in Nubra also close down by 6 PM and so no chance to catch on food outside the hotel. They happily obliged and we were served with the food. The only thing we didn’t realise was that they were serving us their food as they didn’t have the gas for the burner.

This puts back your faith in humanity. The humbleness and the warmth of Ladakhi people still bow me over. They will always welcome your with open arms inspite of living in tough conditions. This incident taught me to be grounded always!

Traveler in me was born: Ladakh is the reason for brewing the traveler in me.


It was my first trip to this barren land which changed the things for me. I remember sitting in the balcony of my guesthouse when I saw sun popping out from the mountains and blessing the city with its warmth and shine. That was the moment that something struck my mind that made me realise that the world is a better place and it needs to be explored in the best way. Though I don’t know what it was and I still don’t know. There is beauty, magnificence, splendor and all I want today is- Be a part of it.

Witnessed Impeccable Fusion: The first thing which astonished me about this barren yet stunning landscape is its impeccable fusion of age old traditions with modernity. The natural and rustic splendour of ancient Ladakh can be seen in every corner which has been preserved by the people over the century inspite of modernisation.


While you drive through the roads of Ladakh you can’t ignore to spot the uncountable stupas or chortens, which are the embodiment of faith. The monasteries at Ladakh are like treasure troves of antique scriptures, rich Thangka artwork, exquisite murals and relics, which are embedded amongst the most scenic and picturesque locations.


It still celebrates the festivals with the age old traditions. The popular mask or cham dance is amongst the favourite

Never take things for granted: One thing which striked me within couple of hours of hitting this high altitude land is how difficult it is to accomplish the simplest of the things which we take for granted.


At 11,000 plus feet, the mundane act of breathing humbles you making you realise that it is important to respect even the smallest thing we have in our lives. Sometimes, it is important to slow down and enjoy

Introduction of the Masterpieces: It was in Ladakh that I saw the nature’s masterpieces for the first time which left me awestruck and mesmerised. I saw nature’s best work at Pangong Tso and Tsomoriri, as I sat on its bank enchanted.


After all where else in the world would you find the highest salt water or fresh water lake competing with the shades of varied blue of the sky and winning over it?


Where else in the world could you imagine reaching and walking at a height of 18,000 plus feet without any trek? Ladakh gave me the experience of driving on the highest motorable road in the world at Khadung-la pass coupled with the third highest motorable road in the world at Chang-la pass.


I was absolutely mesmerised to see the Magnetic hill which has power to defy gravity. It made me feel proud of my country which homes such incredible gems.

In short, whosoever has been to this pristine land comes back with a changed heart. It is definitely a photographer’s paradise and a nature lover haven, the beauty of which cannot be described in few words

It was a truly a commendable experience. Thank you for a well organised trip and giving me terrific moments to keep Cox & Kings. It truly made a difference. So what are you waiting for? You can also opt to be a part of this prolific journey with Cox & Kings. For details you can visit the website or click here for package details

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18 thoughts on “When I got Leh’d

  1. Ladakh surely blows up many. Iam happy to read about this incredible journey. Hats off and stay blessed

  2. By far the best account I read. I heard many travelers sharing that they started traveling after visit to Ladakh. Never shared why. Now I know. Keep it up and keep going 🙂

  3. Nice indeed. You had covered a lot of the beautiful lakes, sights and simplicity and lifestyle of people of Ladakh, but only Leh side. There are others parts also which is unknown to most of the people who used to come as a tourist (not as traveller)…. feeling proud to see, and from being there, the above comments about the very cold desert of the country…

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