4 Reasons why Travelling is my Best Friend

A journey is best measured in Friends– Tim Cahill

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Friendship is an interesting relationship where no one is bound in a legal contract, where there are no written rules of loving unconditionally, where there is no commitment for being with each other. Yet we all choose to make friends because a true friend will always be there when no one else will. A friend will always put your happiness above their own. A true friend laughs with one, not at one, and will always be there when needed.

Precisely the reason what makes a true friendship so special and valuable.  Iam sure in our lives we must have that one friend on whom we always bang upon. I have them too and Travel is one of those special friends.

Let me share why I consider Travel as one of my BEST FRIEND

They don’t JUDGE. Rather they GUIDE

There are certain choices we all make in our lives which, outside of our own perception, might seem insane to others. It can be decision to follow your heart but quite understandably people start making assumptions and give judgement without any reason. But a true friend will always try to show you the right path and uplift your spirit in best possible way. Similar is the case with Travel world which always give you the boost to pursue things in utmost capability, without judgement. In my years of solo travelling I have learnt to let go. Travel has taught me that everyone has their own path; don’t let others thinking dictate you. Worry about yourself and pursue things with utmost passion

They keep Secrets. They love you as YOU

Who’s the better bet than a best friend to blab out everything? And why not? True Friendship is built on trust and we know that they will listen to us without any notion. While travelling, I often love to spend my time gazing stars at night, alone and those are the best moments I always look forward to. It is for the fact that there are many untold things which I have shared with them and I know they have always listened. I have always seen my real side in their company. I have communicated with them without pretending and that’s why they are my friends. In travel world, you don’t have to ‘work’ to gain affection


They allow Compassion. They GROW you

Being a best friend is more than just forgiveness; it’s about compassion for the other person. May be one reason why we all vouch for that one best friend. A best friend understands that you both have flaws and grows with you to embrace them. Similarly, Travel does not allow you to keep hanging on. It allows you to grow into a better personality, enhancing your inner self. Travelling helps you to encounter compassion in utmost way. Many times while travelling, I have bumped into situations which have made me realise that there are way bigger issues to be taken care off than myself. It has enlargened my vision on life and helped me accept things in a better way. Truly like a friend, Travelling is the best teacher one can ever have.

They are Honest. They Respect

Last but not the least, like that true-blue-bestie, travel world will always be honest to you and respect you in every sense, no matter what. Travel makes you a responsible traveler, teach you to respect others tradition, will always show you the desired path and will motivate you to do the best.

What do you think: Why is Traveling your Friend ?

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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons why Travelling is my Best Friend

  1. Lovely post, Swati. Each point is so touching and makes us peep deep into ourselves. You have talked about feelings which each of us crave for.

    No wonder millions of people love to travel, and some like you make it an integral part of their lives 🙂

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