4 Reasons why you should make Friends while Traveling


It is said that the strongest bond of friendship are formed on the roads perhaps because it opens you to a newer version about the world. The connection might or might not last in person but it definitely last with you in the credible memories it brings along. Learning which you take away with this friendship on your journey shall remain with you for life.

Let me share 4 reasons why it is a good idea to make friends while Solo Traveling:

Gives you a Better Perception about Life: Making friends while on the go and interacting with them will push you to experience the newer boundaries and horizons of life. Hearing their stories and experiences will make you learn and gain knowledge into unknown. You will take something out of it. Sometimes you will start thinking differently to tackle a situation, which will help you to break free from the mind limitations. While you interact with people from diverse corners you might just realise that they are a lot like us, looking to change life for good

Makes you learn about a new culture and the World: While Traveling we often meet and befriend travelers who comes from different part of the world. Get introduced to a world which you might just heard or saw in pictures through their stories. A meeting between two people from different cultural backgrounds is by definition an encounter between two cultures. It is actually interesting to learn about a country, a state or a city from a localite. It can make or break your myth about that particular place. You discover the key insides which only a localite can narrate and highlight better

Makes you a better Judge: Making friends with the unknown will give you an insight of different personalities and you become a good judge of character. It makes you a lot more confident as a person in handling situations and you could easily sense with experience on picking up the right people

Turns you into a storyteller: Not all conversations which you get engaged into end on a happy note.  Some deep conversations with them can leave you thinking about the kind of life you have lived and the one that you always wanted to live. These friends will make you realize true worth of the life which you have always imagined to live. Because they expose us to different kinds of thoughts and ideas, our journey towards the unknown continues

Indeed the strangers in them are the best teachers for us who teach us to be patient in a situation as well as getting into action when needed. Everybody has a story hidden in them, waiting to be told and these stories will only curl out the best in us. Therefore next time while you opt to solo travel consider making friends with the strangers even if you are uncomfortable. Learn to be flexible and curious to know about a new culture and society.  Thanks to these people, by putting myself into different situations with them, I have lost the fear of being spoken to by a stranger.

Remember we continue to grow just as we continue to make friends. Never stop !

P.S.: Who will not make Friends with them. Aren’t they CUTE 🙂

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