Pictorial Representation: Introducing Spiti Valley

As a traveler I see nature as a painting. Day after day as I keep traveling and exploring these pristine lands, I get to see more paintings of infinite beauty that India has to offer. No doubt that India is home to many hidden jewels which will re-define the concept of natural beauty like you never knew it. For once, it will make you think about its existence. One such trip to Spiti Valley is a lifetime remembrance I have.

Spiti Valley, ‘a world within a world’ as described by Rudyard Kipling (of ‘Kim’ fame) – is a relatively unknown world, hidden in the Trans-Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh. First look at Spiti, a desert mountain Valley, is enough to send you in imagination at the awe-inspiring beauty and breath-taking landscapes that the place has to offer. It’s a photographer’s paradise and a nature lover’s haven. Spiti Valley is home to highest motorable village in the world, High mountain ranges, striking lakes, beautiful & enchanting ancient Buddhist monasteries, residing purely homogenous Buddhist society. Magnificence, warmth, love, affection, simplicity and the charm of the locales is what will connect you to Spiti instantly, yearning to make a comeback again.

Here’s introducing you to my Solo Sojourn in Spiti Valley….in pictures 🙂

Snowcapped Mountains. On the way from PIN Valley to Mudh Village
20140527_132038 (3)

Sand Formations on the way. You will see many of these scenic beauties on your way to Kaza, the administrative town of Spiti

spitidesk (2)

20140528_142711 (2)

Dhankar Monastery, one of the oldest yet most stunning monastery in Spiti. It’s amongst the 100 most endangered monuments in world

Ajanta of Himalayas: TABO Monastery

A look into Tabo Monastery (2)

20140525_150739 (2)

500 year old GIU Mummy
20140525_150121 (2)

Highest Motorable Village in Asia: Komic Village. The photograph is outside Komic Monastery
3Komic_monastery (2)

Buddha Stands high. At Lanza
20140528_123335 (2)

Second Highest motorable village in the world: Kibber Village
Kibber Village

Stupas outside Kaza Monastery
Kaza-monastry-640x425 (2)
Do you know that a stupa is considered to be a structural emblem and is referred as an architectural structure usually housing the cremated remains or possessions of saintly figures. Most Stupas have a very distinctive semi-spherical shape, often surrounded by a fence. As Buddhism was introduced in different regions, the basic architectural features of stupas were transformed into a variety of shapes reflecting the artistic expressions of those cultures

Highest Retail Outlet in the world 😀
20140529_104922 (2)

Distant Shot of Kye Monastery, also known as ‘Little Tibet’
Distant Shot_Kye Monastery

Tashigang, where Spiti roads END

20140529_130818 (2)

You know you are in Spiti when you start spotting them. My journey towards Spiti started from here 🙂

Happiness Personified. Me @ Dhankar Monastery 🙂
20140527_110413 (2)


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