Talking from the other side: What I feel as a Traveller

Travel is infectious and yet travel is healing. Ever since I decided to quit my corporate life with a dream to travel the globe, I have met many people who have appreciated me for my passion, for the work I do and the way I guide them. But what concerns me every time is the way we have started equating Travel with. I love the enthusiasm people show to travel but it also raises alarm when I hear them exaggerating the things, to suit preferences. Iam a Traveller and what I feel is giving a rousing picture sometime are good but it should not actually mis-guide others. Ground-reality is important. This can make an impact in some or the other way.

Here I would like to specify that by saying this neither Iam de-meaning anyone nor Iam pointing fingers. Iam only making you realise how we have actually mis-conceptualised Traveling or a Traveler! And Iam talking from my heart 🙂


Offbeat- It’s not always about ‘Picture-Perfect’: Because there are many untold stories behind and that’s what is true. I truly adore the responses I get, whenever I have mentioned about an off-beat path or shared a picture on the page (Click Here). But what I have not mentioned most of the time is not-so-smooth journey, which I undertake to get there. Because when you talk about an offbeat path, the essence of the place clubbed with a unique experience adds to the learning. It’s more like feeling of something new and distinctive, which is enough to let go of the pain. Iam sure most of the Travellers would relate to this.

Let me state an example. A click of Phuktal Gompa (above) is enough to captivate and probably the reason why I decided to solo backpack Zanskar. But I have always shared the one part of the story and that’s the spectacular beauty that this trek offers. Believe me for the starters like me, Phuktal Trek is something which my heart shall never be able to take again and for the fact that I completed it in one day. What Iam trying to say is Realisation. Realise that a picture may seem perfect but there is a lot more which a traveler goes through. Off-beats are exciting but realise that a research and proper guidance will always add value to you. So before getting excited, do your home-work and only if your heart is ready to take it, decide to take on wheels

Travelers are ‘often’, nope ‘MOSTLY’ mis-understood: Correct me if Iam wrong. Being a traveller, I have often heard that I do not like staying at home and spending time with my family. But the truth is we are mis-understood. Being on roads does not mean, disconnect with the others. It means connecting with them in a deeper way. If you ask me personally, I simply love the fact when I step inside my home, after my travels. Absolutely nothing can compensate the feeling of fulfilment which I get when I meet my family, get to sleep on my own bed and relish on the home-made food. Travel is probably the best medium for me to realise how much I love them, building an even more strong connection each time. I laugh, I smile and I love it all 🙂

But what I don’t like and find strange is the attitude and norms of the society that we live in. I agree we don’t have a choice to question them but we do have a choice to ignore them. And that’s what I call ESCAPE! Escape from the so called formed notions into a better world, where the beauty (both inside & outside) prevails. A world with which I associate…The World of ‘NO-MADS’. If this means disconnection, then I would happily accept it.

Decide where you want to go

Defining Solo Travel: Get it Right!!! Solo Traveling does not mean Traveling alone. Solo Traveling also does not mean making all the bookings in advance and go to explore the destination. No, this is not what it means. Solo Travel is an opportunity to explore your personality, just as you would explore the world, away from all the stress and hustle of daily life. It’s a chance for you to break-free from a monotonous routine, and introspect on your thoughts, dreams, strengths and limitations. How about exploring on feet, how about staying with the locals, how about getting a chance to forge new friendship, how about traveling in shared taxis. Isn’t it sounding exciting? But make sure to be well versed with the place before you venture out on your solo trip. Do the required research, search through internet, read blogs, find out people who have been to the place before, talk to them. Getting to know the place beforehand is an absolute must.

You can refer to the blog on tips for going Solo (Click Here)


Quit job to Travel is not always Fascinating: Yes I belong to this zone. I quit my corporate life in 2013, with a dream to follow my passion of traveling the globe. And I would admit that my life has only been ‘the best’. Leaving the job does give you the liberty of time but I would urge people to think about this thoroughly, before taking a decision. I know travellers who decided to quit the job, travel for months or years, only to come back and figure out what to do next. How to make an earning when the savings are over. What should be done? Will you go back to the stressed life? As far as I know from limited experience I have, this will not work for a long time.

I would say have a backup plan. I work as freelance PR consultant and also make small earning by contributing travel pieces with the publication. This for me is enough to afford my travels. I can only say that if you have decided to pursue your passion, keep continuing with it in the best possible way. You never know what strikes the cord

Through this blog I would only like to say that there are few unsaid, untold things in this traveling world, which might never be highlighted. Some may sound Grand but in the end, you should always realise and analyse the situation, before deciding upon anything.

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