Bhowali: the land of peace and serenity

20150308_172920 Bhowali happened to me at a time when it was nowhere on the travelers wishlist and the place  only reminds me of lush green mountains, only to be re-visited many years later This year while I was looking for a quick break in Himalayas, I wanted to visit a place where I could find a sense of peace and for once not to explore but to just sit and relax amidst the nature. The idea of enjoying a holiday at leisure wherein I only wanted the company of mighty Himalayas and a cup of tea in hand, when at night I would sleep under star studded dark blanket and wake up with a wide refreshed smile. While I was searching for a place, I suddenly pondered over the idea of re-visiting Bhowali as the place did left a deep impact on me, when I explored it years ago. Bhowali has always been on the mind since then, not because it was less touristy and untouched by commercialization at that time but because I found it the best place to rejuvenate the inner self and find a self of calmness in the mountains. I remember how I stayed in a home-stay and enjoyed myself amidst the large farms, from where the locales used to get the vegetables for food. A leisure walk in the tea garden and helping the locales plucking the leafs, the scare of animals and specially tiger at night from the jungle. I enjoyed it all that time and so I packed my bags with an enthusiasm of enjoying it even more this time. 20150308_180402 (3) Bhowali in Uttarakhand is nestled amidst the green and beautiful Himalayas and is known for its scenic vistas and remarkable views of Himalayas, giving a feel of visiting heaven to the travelers. 11 Km drive from Nainital, Bhowali is famous for its beautiful rich variety of fruit market and serves as a major export centers for Apricots, apples, peaches, plums, strawberries. Bhowali also houses a Sanotorium which was built during the British period, way back in the year 1912 for people suffering from tuberculosis and lung problems. It was considered the health resort before independence due to its pure clean climate and rejuvenating environment. 20150308_162353 Though the commercialisation has touched Bhowali as I could clearly spot hotels, guest houses, cottages and even resident societies built on the land where I walked years back. But Bhowali still stands with it’s vintage flavour and is the perfect destination to spend your idyllic retreat amidst serenity.

Fast Facts:

  • Bhowali is located at a distance of 11kms from Nainital near Bhimtal on the Haldwani Almora Road
  • 309 Km from Delhi
  • The place can be visited throughout the year
  • Carry Light woollens while visiting the place in summers and heavy woollens if you are planning to visit the place in winters
  • Nearest Airport :- Pant Nagar Airport which is 71 km from Nainital
  • Nearest Railway station :- Kathgodam Railway station is 36 km away from Nainital.

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