Learnings from a Sunset !!!


~There is never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same~ Carlos Santana

I have always believed that traveling is probably the best medium for personal transformation, which not only gives us a chance to get accustomed with our inner self but also helps us in bridging a gap with the real world. Whether it’s the people you meet or the things you see, traveling provides us with more valuable life lessons than anything else, maybe because instead of being told, we experience it…

During one such visit to Mount Abu, I came to realise something at the sunset view point. A random thought which clicked my mind, a lesson I learnt with the sunset…

nature5006 (1)

End the day on a good note: Leave your worries and pack your day with a smile. As they sayThere is nothing like a beautiful sunset to end your day on a healthy note”.  As we tend to get into our daily routine and when something goes wrong, most of the time we forget about all the good deeds that happened to us in that particular day and remember what didn’t work. No matter what, no matter how was the day there is always something good to remember, no matter how big and small it is. After all that is what the sunset means- a visual image of a promise, a promise of a bright and light-filled new daytime. A beautiful sunset shows that promise that no matter what happened during the day, it does concludes, envisioning part of the new day.

Be Grateful: End the day with a ‘Thank You’. Say thank you for the good things that has happened in the day because that has made you feel good and happy. Say thank you to the not-so-good moments because you experienced and learned something out of it. No matter how was the day, there is always something to be thankful for.

A New morning: ‘No sunrise is the same’ means that each morning we are born again. What we do ‘today’ matters the most. Just as the sun flares his rays over us and bless us with a new shine, similarly with a new morning comes a ray of new hope, time to make a new wish with a hope of making a fresh start. No morning is the same and if something is not going in your favour remember ‘NO’ situation is the same, which can’t be changed. It’s never late to make a fresh new beginning.


What I learnt is Life itself is a miracle and it’s the most precious jewel one can ever have. Let every day inspire you to become what you were meant to be. Appreciate what you have, pursue what your heart desires in life, and share them with the rest of humanity!

Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair” – Rick Warren

What do you think about this. Please leave your comments in the below section !!!


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