8 Lessons that Traveling has taught me !!!

Traveling impact our lives in many way. Travel changes you. Every trip we take is a chance to learn more about yourself, explore yourself, the world around and the way you choose to interact within it. You can see things that you’ve never seen before. You are given the opportunity every time you get in the car, board a plane, or put on a pair of shoes to find something completely new and inspiring, if you can be open to it.

Sometimes when the timing is right, when the events line up in just the right way, you can recognize that moment where the change happens. Sometimes it can be profound; sometimes it’s small, but big enough to learn something new about it. Sometimes, it is just remembering what you always wanted to be instead of what you are today. These changes, big or small, alter us as an individual and to be honest these are the moments of transformation, which are true blessings for us

Undoubtedly, traveling is the best teacher one can ever have. Let me share what I have come to learn from traveling and how travel changes us:


Everything is possible: Travel has taught me that I can do what whatever I want to do. So many people come to me and tell me, “I wish I could do what you do,” or “you’re so brave,” but what they don’t realize is they can also do what I’m doing. Anyone traveling solo or anyone who travels could relate to this point. The very fact that we get only one shot of life, pursuing your dreams is not just important, it’s necessary. Yet so many people end up not trying. They leave aside their passion with a fear of facing failure. The whole point is to realize it’s never a failure, its accomplishment. You take small steps forward and sometimes few backward, but what matter at the end of the day is satisfaction. Satisfaction of pursuing something you have only dreamt about. And going by the experience it’s a myth that traveling requires ‘a lot’ of money. Remember if there is a will, there is a way…ALWAYS !!!


I fell in love with myself and Life again: When I decided to quit my corporate job for traveling, I was looking at bringing a change in my life. A change which can introduce me to a ‘new’ set, a change which can bring out the lost me, a change which can help me break-free from the notion of so called ‘expectations’. On the whole I wanted to find myself and with traveling, that’s exactly what I got. I explored myself.  With every new place, new language and new culture – I saw things and did things that I had never done before.  I fell in love with the learning and experiencing life wonders, inspired by the nature and people around me…


Always appreciate small things: To match up ourselves with the fast paced and competitive lifestyle, we have forgotten to ‘Live Life’. We have forgotten that life is indeed beautiful and we can find joys even in the small things which surround us. We always fail to notice the little joys that can be part of our life and run around to seek happiness, in whatever we get our hands on. Now imagine: A magnificent sunset, getting roadside tea in winters when you badly needed one, getting lost on random streets or just sit and gaze the star-lit sky. Isn’t it sounding good? The truth is everything around us is GOOD and beautiful. Traveling certainly has taught me to be appreciative for even a small thing which I have and be happy about it. It’s worth it. All we need to have is the vision…

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I learnt to live and be in present: Traveling has taught me to focus and live in the present.  Escape the past with learning’s and stop being anxious about the future. Why we are always in a rush to grow up or constantly stressed about becoming ‘successful.’ Now I’m grateful for the roof I have, the food I eat and the fact that I’m alive, healthy and living my dream. Learn from the past, but don’t let it consume you. Prepare for the future, but be grateful for today. Learn to be present, and happiness will surely find you !!!


Tolerance for uncertainty: When you travel, most of the times things don’t always go as planned. Placing yourself in such situations helps you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life. And we all know there are many ‘uncertainties in ‘actual’ life


Cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder: Have you ever wondered what people lives are like on a day-to-day basis in different part of the country? I certainly do. When I travel I try to go where the locals shop, live in home-stays curious to know and explore the culture, the livelihood. After all it’s the best way to explore a place and a quick way to bundle up on your knowledge…


Change the way you think about the world: In our daily routine lives, we tend to hang around people we like and are comfortable with. People who are like us and share similar interests and tastes. But when we travel, we tend to take a gamble. You meet and interact with a lot of people from different background, culture and characteristics. And they will colour your view of the world for better or for worse

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Learn to be humble and be grateful: Travel has helped me to open up my mind and accepts things the way they are. When we see people living in extreme conditions and still courageous enough to survive, you tend to stop making excuses for your own life. You stop complaining and start appreciating and thankful for what we have…

As J.R.R Tolkien said “Not all those who wander are lost.” Correct: We are busy learning!!!

 In short be loved and spread love !!! Happy Traveling

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